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Workshop Wedding Knitted Photo Frame”

The wedding season is coming to an end, and in memory of every happy couple there are mountains of photos that capture the happiest moments of their life. Some photos will be stored in the wedding album, some will be framed and left in a prominent place. I propose to make a universal knitted photo frame that can be either hung on the wall or stored in an album, while only decorating it and adding a bit of sophistication to standard album sheets.

knitted photo frame

To make the frame we need:

– threads for crocheting (Iris);
– cardboard;
– for decor flowers and half beads;
– for work scissors, hook 2.5 and glue;
– The main thing without which our frame will not work is a little crochet experience.

Getting to work. First we need to determine the diameter of the frame for photos. I have an outer circle of 14.5 cm and an inner circle of 11 cm. When two circles are drawn on the cardboard, we cut it out so that we get a kind of bagel.

knitting workshop

Next, we proceed directly to tying our future framework. This is the longest process in this work. When the cardboard “donut frame” is tied up, it needs to be given a festive look, for this purpose we make the edges openwork in diameter with the help of columns and chains. I made the simplest edges, but knitting masters can complicate this task and process the frame with all kinds of “intricacies”. Everything is in the hands of the master, fantasize.

we knit a frame

The knitted part of our frame is ready, now it’s worth decorating it a little. And to help us come my favorite paper roses, because what a wedding without flowers. If you do not have ready-made flowers at the moment, crochet them from threads of a slightly different shade so that they stand out against the general background. Mother of pearl beads set on glue also found their place in the diameter of the frame.

knit a white frame

The wedding knitted frame is ready, just insert the wedding photo. Instead of a photo, I have a clipping from a magazine that, by the way, came up to this photo frame and gives it a finished look.

wedding photo frame

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