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Workshop on the manufacture of the painting "Fruit Basket"

The picture is an original gift. Such a composition will decorate a kitchen or room. Juicy, bright, mouth-watering fruits will cheer you up. This is a great gift for loved ones and friends.

beautiful basket

1. Prepare yarn of different colors, fabric, scissors, glue gun, hook 1.75 mm.

2. We will knit a basket according to the scheme. In each row, add 2-3 loops at the end. Boil the finished basket with an iron.

3. Make a handle for the basket. We collect 220 air loops. We knit 4 rows of single crochet. We knit the fifth row with pico (3 air loops in the base loop). The distance between pico is 3 cm.

4. We knit a banana according to the scheme. We tie it around the edge with crochets.


5. We knit according to the scheme two pears. We tie them around the edge.

6. According to the scheme, we knit the stem and leaves.

7. We make two clusters of grapes. We knit each grape separately. For the purple brush of grapes we perform 25 circles. For a green bunch of 17 circles.

8. We spread the fabric cloth on a flat surface.

9. Glue the basket. We put a piece of dark-colored fabric under the basket.

10. Glue the handle to the oval shaped basket.

we knit fruit

11. Put the fruits in the basket. Pre-distribute their places. Ironing fruits.

12. Glue the banana in the peel.

13. Glue the yellow pear.

14. Glue the green pear.

15. Glue each circle of purple grapes. We decorate it with leaves and stem.


16. Glue the green grapes.

17. We decorate the picture with a frame.

18. The picture “Fruit Basket” is ready.

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