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Workshop on knitting booties / Knitting for children /

Knitting on five needles – The most convenient way to create socks, hats, gloves. Its main advantage is the absence of seams on the product, which is very important for children’s things. Therefore, knitting booties for the baby is better and faster on just five knitting needles.

This model of booties is designed for a newborn baby (if he was born large), but they will be just for an 8-month-old girl. Outsole length – 10 cm.

pink booties


green booties

So, for work you will need:

– Threads of two colors (for the product itself and its decoration). The best option is the “Children’s whim” yarn, you can take any decorative thread to tie the upper part, the sole, the lace.
– A set of five knitting needles. Their thickness depends on the thickness of the threads. Those. the thicker the knitting needles and threads, the larger and larger the product will be.
– Hook. Thickness is also selected depending on the thread.


– Type 40 stitches into 2 needles.
– Pull out one spoke. We begin to knit the first row with the front stitch, distributing all the loops into 4 knitting needles (10 loops each). We knit the 2nd and 3rd rows with the front surface. Those. We’ve started knitting from the top of the booties.


It is important to consider some features of circular knitting. The first loop is not removed, the last is not knitted wrong! Facial surface – only facial loops.

– We knit 4 rows with an elastic band 1×1 (1 loop front, 1 wrong). Thus, the shoe turns out a little denser in the upper part so that it does not stretch.
– Next, we knit 15 rows with an English elastic band (1st row: we remove, without knitting, we sew the front loop with the yarn; we sew the wrong side; 2nd row: we knit the yarn with the front loop removed, the wrong side is simply crocheted; repeat the 1st row, then 2nd, etc.). This pattern looks voluminous and quite dense, so it is suitable for very warm booties. If it is difficult to cope with the crochets, then you can knit these 15 rows with an elastic band 1×1 or 2×2.


– We make holes in order to thread a lace into them. To do this, we knit the following row as follows: 1 double crochet and 2 loops knit together the front. Then we knit a row with an elastic band 1×1.
– Next – 2 rows of English rubber. The upper part of the booties is ready!


– We put off 28 loops (they remain on three knitting needles). On the fourth knitting needle (there were 10 loops on it), we throw one loop from the neighboring knitting needles. We begin to knit the upper part of the booties on two knitting needles – 12 stitches with front stitch, 14 rows. Because this is not circular knitting, then the front surface is performed as follows: 1st row – remove the first loop, knit the front, the last loop is the wrong one; 2nd row – remove the first loop, knit the wrong ones, etc.


– Again we distribute the loops on 4 knitting needles. Those. We begin to knit the height of the foot with English rubber. After 14 rows of scarf knitting on two knitting needles, we knit these 12 loops (with an English rubber band), we collect 7 loops on the same side of the boot, we knit 9 loops with the same needle (we left them after we tied the upper part of the boot, see the previous point), we knit 10 loops on the third spoke, 9 loops on the fourth and we pick 7 more on the other side of the lift. This is the first row of lifting height, we continue to knit in a circle with English elastic all these 56 loops of another 9 rows, the last row is an elastic band 1×1.


– We begin to knit the sole with a garter stitch (all the loops are front, the first in each row is removed) on two knitting needles. It is obtained from the 12 loops that we have on the first spoke, temporarily putting 44 loops on 3 needles (two on 16 loops, on one – 10) – we will attach them to each sole with each row. The first 26 rows are knitted as follows: 1st row – remove the first loop, 10 front, knit the last one along with the loop that is on the spoke, where there are 16 loops; 2nd row – remove the first loop, 10 front, we sew the last together with the loop, which is located on the other spoke with 16 loops, etc. In this way, attaching the remaining loops, we knit to the end of the sole, but after 26 rows we begin to reduce the loops to make the heel part a little narrower. Those. in the 27th row of the sole of the 2nd and 3rd, as well as the 10th and 11th loops, we knit together. We do the same in the 31st row (at the end of the 8th and 9th loops knit together). We tie the last 2 rows of the sole.


– It remains to connect 16 loops that remained on 2 knitting needles. The principle is the same as when closing the loops that are on the same knitting needle: we knit the first two loops together on the same knitting needle, we transfer this loop to the second knitting needle, we knit 2 together the wrong ones, we transfer the loop to the first knitting needle, etc. to end.


– Now we need to tie the upper part of the booties and the sole with a thread of a different color. To do this, you need to know what Crochet. We tie in single crochet columns.


– We make a lace for booties. We crochet a chain of air loops (the length is such that it is convenient to tie on the baby’s leg). The tips on both sides of the lace can be tattered – they will look like tassels. Using a hook we thread the lace into the holes that we tied at the bottom of the upper part of the booties.


– The second shoe fits in the same way.

Booties are ready!


Despite the fact that the job description is long, but very detailed, the product is very easy to knit. Even with a short knitting experience, one bootie can be created in 3-4 hours.

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