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Will we tie the coasters under the hot? / Knitting for home /

Hot coasters are not only a practical accessory for the kitchen or living room, but also a stylish or funny attribute of any gatherings over a cup of tea. Bright, crocheted coasters in the form of turkeys will add to your interior a special touch of truly home comfort.

To make coasters you will need:

– Threads for knitting, 5-6 colors (any, but from a practical point of view it is better to use synthetics, such as acrylic);
– Hook for knitting (select the size in accordance with the threads you have chosen);
– Small pieces of felt red, white and black;
– Sewing needle;
– Sewing threads (colors in tone felt).

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1-4. To begin, make a chain of 4 loops and lock it into a ring, knitting together the first and last loops. Next, knit a row in a circle of 15 loops with a crochet. When knitting the 2nd row, knit two loops from one loop of the 1st row, in the end you should get 30 loops. The 3rd row consists of 45 loops (we knit alternately 1 loop from the 1st loop of the previous row, 2 loops from the 1st loop of the previous row), we knit with beige threads. We knit the 4th row without crochet, knitting 45 loops in a row, we knit with orange thread.

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5-6. We visually divide the resulting circle into 3 parts, we knit 2/3 circles as follows: we attach a gray thread and from one loop of the 4th row (let’s call it loop No. 1) we knit 4 crochets, then we knit 4 crochets from loop No. 3 of the 4th row.
We knit the second row of fans with brown threads, knitting 5 from a single loop from a single crochet.
3rd row – orange fans of 6 loops with a crochet.
4th row – yellow fans of 7 loops with a crochet.
From felt we cut out the details of the eyes and beak with earrings (or beard) and sew them manually with threads in tone.
7. In a similar pattern, we knit the wrong side of the stand.
8-9. We put the details of the stand together, we knit with a single crochet for the extreme loops. Between the fans we knit the decorative rows of loops, the body of the turkey is also tied around the edge and the legs are tied.

All photos taken from CraftPassion.com

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