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In order to tie a kitten you will need:

– white yarn and a hook of the appropriate size;
– black thread and needle;
– filler;
– white ribbon with polka dots;
– white, black and red fabric – felt;
– glue.

We start with knitting a cat’s head according to scheme 1. Everywhere we use white yarn. We collect 8 air loops and one more for climbing to the next row, then we tie this strip around 18 single crochets. After that we follow the scheme. From the 6th to the 16th rows, we knit the same way – 49 columns each. At the end of the 21 row we get 20 columns – this will be the bottom of the head, which is sewn to the body.

kitten knitting pattern

The next stage of work – we knit the body according to scheme 2. We also start with 8 air loops, which are tied with 18 columns. From the 5th to the 11th row, we knit 43 columns. Only 14 rows.
Next, proceed to knitting smaller parts. Using scheme 3, we make ears – 2 parts. We start with 3 air loops, which we connect into a ring and then tie. From the 3rd to the 6th rows we knit 19 columns.

how to crochet an amigurumi toy

Figure 4 shows how to knit a cat’s tail. We start in the same way as the ears. From the 2nd to the 8th rows we knit 10 columns, in the 9th – 8.
We knit the paws: the front according to scheme 5, the rear – according to scheme 6. We begin, like the previous small parts. In the front paws, we knit the rows from the 2nd to the 9th for 14 columns, in the hind legs from the 2nd to the 6th, also 14 columns.

DIY amigurumi toy kitten

Having connected all the components of the toy, we fill them, except for the ears. We fold them in half and sew them symmetrically to the head. In the middle, cut out pieces of red fabric of a suitable shape and glue it. We also cut out round eyes from white fabric and glue black circles to them – pupils. We glue the finished eyes to the head and between them we embroider the nose and mouth with stripes, and on the sides – antennae. On the front legs, we also embroider strips with black thread, and on the back legs we glue circles of black fabric – pads. From the ribbon we make a frill and sew to the neck – the top of the kitten’s body. All parts sew with each other accordingly.

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