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Warm, soft and comfortable slippers are easy and simple to knit yourself. Only one day of work, and the result will please you for a long time on cold winter evenings. Even those who are just starting to take their first steps in the world of knitting will cope with such slippers.

we knit slippers ourselves

I bring to your attention a collage with work steps and a description of the process. The assembly in no way claims to be an absolute imitation. At your discretion, you can change the color, add knitted “braids”, come up with your own, different from the proposed option of attaching slippers to the leg, whether it be ties, elastic, or something else.

First you need to knit a sample of the selected yarn, in order to then calculate the number of loops according to your size. In order for the slippers to look good, it is better to choose yarn in two contrasting colors.

we sew and knit ourselves

– First we knit with an elastic band – 2 front loops, 1 wrong * rectangle. This will be the future sole of our slippers.

– Then, using a contrasting yarn, we knit a cloth of facial loops, evenly removing the loops on both sides, so that a triangle is obtained. Repeat for the other long side of the rectangle.

– Fold the resulting canvas in half with the wrong sides inward, the vertices of the triangles to each other. Sew one edge (to the triangles). So we outlined the future toe of our slipper.

– We design the sock: fold, as shown in the figure, round the sharp corner of the sock, bend the wings of the white triangles to the center and sew.

– We form the heel: in turn we raise both edges perpendicular to the sole and with pins we pin to the white triangles, which, as you understand, form the sides of our slippers. Sew on. The upper edge of the back of the slipper can be decorated with a decorative seam.

– The basis for the slipper is ready. It remains to make the stitches and tighten the sole.

– From the same or any other yarn we make pompons. We weave twisted laces from yarn, for one end of which we tightly tie a pompom, and the other end we sew to the corner of a white triangle. Repeat for the other side of the slipper. You can make pompons of any size, as your desire and imagination tells you.

knitted slippers knit slippers on knitting needles

– Slipper is ready. The sole can be left as it is, but it is better to strengthen it and protect it from quick wiping. Cut two parts along the contour of the foot or the most connected slipper and sew the slipper outside to the sole. The sole can be made of thick felt, leather, leatherette, any dense, non-slip fabric.

Knitting slippers is an absolutely creative process! And your slippers may turn out to be completely different, such as you like!

Please yourself, indulge yourself and your legs with beautiful and cozy things!
Good luck to everyone, creative inspiration and even loops!

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