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We knit a red poncho / Knitting for children, Knitting for children /

Poncho – very comfortable clothes for moving kids. Differs in ease, airiness and extraordinary simplicity of knitting. The lack of sleeves does not constrain the movement of children. The work is so simple that it will not create work for beginners.

Size 24 (age 1.5 years)

You will need: 2 skeins of wool “Natasha Semenovskaya” 100 g / 250 m, 1 skein of yarn “Grass” 100 g / 150 m, hook No. 3, knitting needles No. 2.

Basic patterns: knit a shell pattern according to scheme 1 – repeat 5 columns with a sacid in the first loop, half-column in the next loop; elastic band – repeat 2 front loops, 2 purl.

Working process: the product fits in a circle, without seams. Crochet 40 loops of wool yarn and join them into a ring. Next, knit the shells in a pattern according to scheme 1. Add in the second row every 10 loops according to scheme 2. Continue to knit another 10 cm with additions according to the figure. Next, continue to knit without adding. At a height of 25 cm from the set edge, finish crocheting.

Poncho for children


The first poncho knitting patternSecond poncho knitting pattern

Take woolen yarn, lift all the loops along the upper edge of the knitting needles, knit with an elastic band. After 10 cm, close the hinges as shown.
Next, take the “Grass” yarn and lift all the loops along the lower edge of the product onto the knitting needles. Knit in a circle all the rows with purl loops, i.e. on the front side of the product there must be purl loops, because the “Grass” is so fluffy. After 7 cm, close the loops, finish knitting.
Poncho knitting is finished.


In order to diversify the model, you can use several colors of yarn, alternating threads through two rows. Or take two or three colors of yarn, which has a thinner thread, and knit in 2 threads, then you get an unpredictable game of colors. It will also be interesting to look if, together with wool yarn, use Grass yarn of a contrasting color, put both threads together and knit a shell pattern, and finish knitting with two matching Grass yarn colors. But do not forget, the thicker the knitting thread, the larger the hook needed.
Imagine, pick colors and patterns. Good luck in your endeavors!

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