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We knit a polar bear / Knitted toys /

Polar bears – sad and funny.

To connect such funny white cubs will help us:

– white yarn and blue for fish,
– hook
– black threads and a needle,
– beads for eyes or beads,
– filler

To get started, take the existing white yarn and using scheme 1 begin to knit the torso. In the last 19th row you should get 18 single crochet – this is the place where we will sew the head.

how to tie a bear


we crochet cubs according to the scheme

Next, according to scheme 2 and 3, we knit the front legs of the teddy bear – right and left, respectively. As can be seen in the diagram, they are symmetrical. We start with 2 air loops and tie them. From the 5th to the 8th rows we knit the same number of columns. In the 8th row, notice, we knit 3 half-columns.

The next step is to knit the teddy bear’s head, using scheme 4. First, we collect 3 air loops and one for lifting to the next row. We bind them according to the scheme.
We knit ears according to the scheme 5 – 2 identical.

Scheme 6 will help to connect the hind legs – also 2 identical parts.
We knit the fish with blue yarn according to scheme 7. In the 4th row, we knit the fins, performing 3 air loops or pico, then until the 6th row we knit 10 single crochet in a row.

crochet beautiful bears according to the pattern

We begin to assemble the finished toy. We fill all the big details, sew the ears to the head symmetrically. We also embroider with the black thread the faces of the cubs – funny and sad, as shown in the figure. Embroider spouts on the narrow part of the head. In addition, we embroider black stripes on the legs (also shown in the figure). We sew the head to the body, then the legs – the front can be sewn not at the same level, but in different ways, as in the picture. Sew one of the bears to the paw fish.

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