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To make this toy, we need: yarn of different colors – pink, purple, light purple, green, black, burgundy; hook; filler: eyes – beads or beads; thread and needle.

We start with knitting the body and head according to scheme 1. We start with the purple yarn, which we knit the first 9 rows, then proceed to use pink yarn – to the 18th row, and then to black. The table next to the diagram shows the number of single crochet in each row and the number of additions or decreases.

knitted doll


learning to crochet toys

Using scheme 2, we knit the handle of the pupa with pink yarn.
Figure 3 shows how to knit legs. We begin to knit them with bard-colored yarn (shoes) – the first 3 rows, then use pink yarn.

Figure 4 shows how to knit a skirt. We begin to knit it in purple, we knit the last row of posts and air loops (quilling) in light purple.

Next, we knit a hat (scheme 5), starting with green yarn. We knit 9-10 rows in light purple.
At the end, according to scheme 6, we knit a flower to decorate the cap, which we then sew to it.

learning to knit beautiful toys

We finish the work – we fill all the finished parts and sew: to the hands we sew the arms and legs, respectively, as well as skirts about the middle of the body. We tie hair to the head from black yarn – with the help of a hook we make a knot. After that, we sew a hat. You can attach a cord to it to use the doll as a keychain. On the face we embroider the mouth with red threads and sew or glue the eyes.

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