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Three-tier flower and two-tone rose.

Sooner or later, every thing bothers and does not look as presentable as at the very beginning. And I want to somehow diversify it, whether it’s a sweater, pillowcase for a pillow or slippers. This can be done with the help of such simple and at the same time very pretty flowers. They will help to bring something new and give a second wind to things. And since a piece of your love is enclosed in all the things done with your own hands, they will surely become the one and only. I so decorated my pillowcase, all the guests are delighted.

Knitted flower


Three-tiered flower.

And so let’s get started. You will need pink cotton threads and a No. 2 hook.
We knit a chain of 5 vp and conclude it with 1 connection into the ring.

Crochet Three Tier Flower

1st circular row: 1 vp beginning. Then we do 3 vp, 1 tbsp. b / n in the ring and repeat so until the end of the row 2 times, then 3 vp and 1 conn.st. in vp beginning. You can repeat 3, 4, and so on, depending on how many petals you want to make on the first tier, which in turn will increase the number of petals on others, respectively. I have 4 of them.
2nd circular row: 1 vp beginning. After 1 tbsp. b / n to the arch from vp previous circular row, 4 tbsp. s / n, 1 tbsp. b / n and do so 3 times to the end of the row, while instead of the last st. b / n do conn. in vp beginning.

3rd circular row: 2 vp, between the 2nd and 3rd art. s / n perform 1 tbsp. b / n to the arch from vp 1st circular row, 5 vp and repeat to the end of the row 3 times, then 1 connection. Art. in the 1st art. non-cash
4-circle row: 1 vp beginning. Further to the end of this series we repeat 3 times: 1 tbsp. b / n in the arch from vp, 8 tbsp. s / n, 1 tbsp. non-cash But instead of the very last art. we carry out 1 connection in vp beginning.
5th circular row: 1 in .. p. beginning. Then 4 C.P., between the 4th and 5th Art. s / n do 1 tbsp. b / n to the arch from vp 3rd circular row, 4 vp, 1 tbsp. non-cash in the next article b / n of the 3rd circular row, repeat this 3 times. We finish 1 connection instead of art. b / n in vp beginning.

Crochet pink flower

6th circular row: 1 vp beginning. Next 1 tbsp. non-cash, 6 tbsp. s / n, 1 tbsp. b / n to the arch from vp of the previous row, repeat this 7 times to the end. And finally, we finish our work 1 so. instead of art. b / n in century starting point.

Beads will help to add emphasis and give a new color to the product. So the flower will sparkle and become even more beautiful. It is possible and the alternation of tiers with the help of different threads, it will also be very interesting and unusual. Now it all depends on your imagination and desire.
Thus, you can make a two-tiered flower, it is built on the same principle as a three-tiered flower.

Two-tone rose.

For this rose you will need cotton and beige and pink threads.
First, take beige threads and pick up a chain of 30 vp

Crochet a rose

1st row: at 4 vp (we don’t count on the hook) we do 1 s / n, then in each loop we do 2 s / n, between pairs s / n 1 VP
2nd row: 3 vp lifting and turning over the work, 1 s / n 3 vp and 2 s / n in the first arch. Then in each arch we knit 2 s / n, 3 vp, 2 s / n.
Take the pink thread.

Rose of two colors

3rd row: 3 vp lifting; 9 s / n in each arch of the previous row. This series will have to be embroidered for a long time, but when you get the final result you will not regret the work done. Well, now it remains only to roll up the rose and decorate it with a bead for example.

Ready knitted rose

vp – air loop
conn. – connecting column
s / n – double crochet
Art. b / n – single crochet.

Note: Depending on the width and color of the selected threads, you can always get different colors.

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