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We crochet a flower and a dress / Knitting for children /

Beautiful crocheted flower.

(General view of figure No. 1)

To make a flower you will need: pink yarn (100% acrylic, 100 grams / 400 meters). Hook number 2.5.

pink flower

Completing of the work:

Draw a pink acrylic yarn of 70 air loops to form a chain. Then knit the second row as follows (see diagram): 1 double crochet, two air loops into the third, and so on until the end of the row (see figure No. 2). We continue to knit the third row (final) according to the scheme: knitting seven columns with a crochet, fastening them with a connecting loop (Figure No. 3). Finish knitting, break off the working thread (Figure 4)

crochet flowers

Next, we twist the resulting product, fastening it with threads from the wrong side, forming the shape of a flower (figure No. 5,6). The flower is ready, the middle can be decorated with any jewelry (figure number 7), beads, beads, glass beads and so on, whoever likes what. Such flowers can be used anywhere: for example, for decorating a decorative pillow, interior, creating a bouquet, greeting card. Also, if you sew an elastic band of the same color to the flower, you get a beautiful hair ornament.


Note on the choice of yarn: now the range of yarn is quite large, and therefore if you want to make a silk flower with a smooth surface, it is better to use cotton yarn, you can add lurex (for example, “Iris). For a fluffy flower, it is best suited – angora, mohair. The edges should be tied with “Grass”, preferably of contrasting colors, but it is not recommended to knit the whole flower out of it completely, since due to the bulkiness and fluffiness the product will lose its shape and the contours of the flower will not be noticeable. Wish you luck!

crochet a flower

Dress for the doll. (As a gift to your beloved daughter).

(Figure №1– dress).

To make a dress you will need: 20 grams of pink acrylic yarn (100gram-400 meters) and quite a bit of Grass yarn of white color for decoration. Hook number 2.5.

Completing of the work.

Dress: draw 21 stitches with a pink thread and knit approx. 3 cm crochet. Next, continue knitting as follows: 1 row: 7 crochet stitches, knit from one stitch, back two, and so on. 2 row: – double crochet in each loop of the previous row. 3-4 row: – double crochet. 5-11 row: – 3 columns with a crochet we knit from one loop (see figure No. 2 dress). Thus, we knit the necessary length of the dress for the doll. Finish knitting. We tie the edges with “Grass” yarn in three rows to continue the pattern. Sew on the straps to the top of the dress, for this we find the middle of the back and front, raise three loops and knit about 2 cm. We connect the straps to the back and front parts of the dress.

knitting pattern

Hat: dial 6 air loops, close in a circle with a connecting loop. Next: 1st row – single crochet, 2 row – three air loops for lifting, double crochet, 3rd row – double crochet two into one (that is, two double crochet in one loop), thereby increasing the number of columns in twice. 4th row – double crochet, 5th row – repeat as third, 6th row – double crochet, 7th – 8th row (final) – single crochet. We process the edges with white yarn “Grass” in single crochet columns, reducing the number of loops by 2 times (through one loop). Break the thread.

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