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Wavy hat / Knitting for women

White and beige hat

A comfortable, beautiful and stylish hat will definitely emphasize your personality. You can wear such a hat both in spring, autumn, and winter. The body waves on the cap create an air curtain and prevent cold air from entering.

furry beret

To make it, you will need:

• 100 gr. mohair yarn;
• 100 gr. White viscose yarn;
• Hook number 3.

We start knitting in beige color. Knitting hats begins with a base cap. The base cap is knitted in the form of a sirloin net, during the course of knitting we do the expansion of the fabric in accordance with the scheme.

where do we start knitting

When the diameter of the circle reaches 18-20 cm, this is about 9-10 rows, we begin to knit a straight fabric without increases. We finish knitting the base cap when its total height reaches 20 cm, this is about 10 more rows. After the second straight row, we start knitting with a white thread.


Then proceed to tying the cap ruffle. We knit quilling with the same thread that the base is tied to. We knit 3-5 columns with two crochets, attaching them under the arches of two air loops of the fillet mesh-base of the cap. We do the strapping in a spiral, from the crown to the side of the wide part, following continuous movements along a number of loin nets.

how to knit a hat
When moving to the next spiral loop, we knit the connecting posts in three air lifting loops. We continue to work by tying the double crochet posts from the air loops to the end of the second row, then go to the next third turn, tying the columns along the three air lifting loops and so on. Performing the second and third turns, we knit quilling in 3 columns with two crochets. The fourth and fifth turns are already performed on 4-5 columns with two crochets. The larger the number of double crochet posts, the more wavy the quilling will be.

knitting pattern how to crochet

We tie the product along the bottom edge with a “crustacean step”. Crawler step – the hook is introduced on the left side under the loop of the bottom row and grab the main thread.
We perform the working step according to scheme 2.

beautiful beret

We stretch the hat by hand. To dry, wrap the cap tightly in a cloth or towel to avoid deformation of the cap.
Now everything is ready!

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