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Vulcan Harness / Beading, Crochet, Jewelery / Needlework

Good day to you!

This MK is dedicated to creating a sparkling stylish tourniquet “Volcano”.

knitted bead tourniquet with a pattern, micron knitting tourniquet, 13 bead tourniquet diagram

For work, you need the following materials:

YarnArt Violet Knitting Thread Black
Crochet hook 0.75 mm
Needle bead (for a set of beads according to the scheme)
Czech Beads №10 matte opaque black
Czech Beads No. 10 glossy opaque red
Czech beads No. 10 “light” gray
Pins, end caps, connecting rings, toggle lock
Round pliers, nippers, scissors

You can purchase everything you need in our storeHandMadeMart.net

Let’s start!

Work on the tourniquet begins with a diagram. In his workshop “Knitting a tourniquet. Deciphering circuits ”I described in detail how to work with similar circuits.

the scheme of the harness for 13 beads, the scheme of the bead harness

Instead of yellow, we collect black matte beads!

The length of one rapport in a knitted form (half-column) is 12.5 cm. Based on this, we calculate how many reports you need to collect.

I knitted my tourniquet in a half-column, I tied pins during the work, just as I described in my article “A Workshop on Knitting a Harness for Beginners”.

After the harness is ready, we fasten the limit switches and the lock.

Good luck and enjoy your work!

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