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Vest from braids. Knitting. / Knitting for women /

Knitting – This is not only beautiful and original products, but also not a plowed field for creativity. I propose to try knitting a braid vest, which I invented myself.

Braid vest

I bring to your attention a braid vest. This is a very original product that will delight you on weekdays and as elegant clothes.

You can knit a monophonic vest, you can alternate colors.

knit jacket

Necessary: (size 44-46) 500 gr. yarn (100% wool), knitting needles, needle or hook in order to assemble parts.

Before knitting, check if the knitting needles are thick enough for the selected thread. To do this, fold the thread in half and twist: the twisted thread should be approximately equal in thickness to the needle on which you are going to knit.

First you need to knit 12 braids. To do this, we collect 12 loops on the needles. 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th rows: 12 facial loops. 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th we knit rows according to the drawing, that is, purl.

knit braid pattern

9th row: 6 face loops are removed on a spare spoke and left behind. In the 1st figure, the spare spoke is shown in front (for clarity). We knit the next 6 stitches. Then we knit 6 stitches with a knitting needle.

10th row we knit like the second.

The pattern is repeated from the 1st to 10th row.

The length of the pigtail depends on the desired length of the vest. On the growth of 167-170 cm, 10 overlaps (bundles) can be made.

When 12 pigtails are connected – we collect a vest. To do this, you can use a needle or hook, as you are used to or as you prefer.

When assembling, grab the side braids of the braids, and leave the place where the torsion is not stitched.
Thus, we sew 6 braids – on the back and on the front of the product.

We collect the neck as follows: put the two parts face to face and begin to collect from the shoulder to the center. Sew 2 braids from each shoulder, leave the rest to the neck.

You can sheathe the finished product with glass beads or beads, as in my photo with a yellow vest.


Pullover with bugles

It has long been known that work that requires concentration is very distracting from various unnecessary thoughts. And if the work also brings satisfaction and joy, this is generally wonderful! Occupational therapy, as a method of dealing with stress, and in which direction it will go, depends on the abilities and preferences of the person. Many begin to knit and engage in other types of needlework and then this hobby begins to generate income, as I had. The main user of my products is my sister. She puts on work for my sweaters, dresses, pullovers and co-workers connected by me, so that I knit something like that.

knitting knit pullover

A delicate pullover decorated with bugles and artificial stones. It is better to wear it with trousers.

Knitting a product does not take much time: it took me a week plus lining with pebbles. Knitted only after a working day, that is, not all days long.

I pulled this pullover in the magazine to my sister for a gift. At first, the work seemed complicated, but the wolf wasn’t so terrible … in the process I only enjoyed knitting and the result.

Wears with pleasure.

The result of my work:

pullover white with blue

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