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Two-color scarf knitting / Knitting for women /

I really wanted to knit a two-color scarf. And by chance I found an interesting knitting pattern in one old, Soviet magazine. The drawing is original – sort of triangles. The knitting is double-sided, both sides of the product are facial. The canvas connected according to this scheme comes out quite dense. Knitting is not difficult, the main thing is to understand the pattern and directions of the rows.

Knitting pattern:

Knitting pattern

Using this scheme, you can knit not only a scarf, but any other product. For example, in that magazine using such a pattern, a blouse and a skirt were connected. I will show how to knit according to this scheme on a small sample.

The figure consists of three rows, of which one row is made with black threads and two with red threads. In order not to break the thread, we knit two rows in one direction (as shown in the diagram) as follows.

We knit the first row with red threads. We release the hook from the loop, stretching it 2-3 cm. We turn the knitting.
For the 2nd row, we fix the black thread with a single crochet at the edge of the canvas and knit the air loops to the height of the row. Knit a row.
The figure contains crochet columns that are knitted a row below. For this, a crochet hook is introduced into the loop of the underlying row.

Knitting workshop

We release the hook from the loop, stretching it 2-3 cm. We return to the beginning of the row. We grab the loop from the red thread and pull it to the beginning of the row. We tighten the thread gently so as not to pull off the canvas and at the same time so that the thread does not puff over the edge. We fix the thread over the extreme column and knit a row. We knit the last column in the braid of the last column of the bottom row. An elongated loop from the bottom row remains in a free state at the edge of the canvas.

The 4th row is knitted with red thread in the opposite direction.
We knit the next row with a black thread from a free loop. And continue on.

Ready knitted scarf

Here I knitted such a scarf using this drawing. The scarf turned out to be warm, dense and very beautiful. Only in my scarf, unlike the pattern, did I knit two rows of black threads and one row of red. My scarf is 16 cm wide, for this I gathered a chain of 30 air loops. I made a length of 150 cm. At the ends of the scarf I made a fringe of red threads.

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