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Straw Hat – Left

My brother and I drive about twenty-five miles out of our way to get to the closest Straw Hat. Our hometown Straw Hat closed during the Pizza Hut buyout during the late 1980’s. My brother and I open yellow pages up and down the California Coast for our beloved pizza chain, stopping every chance we get.

My long time favorite is the combination “works” pizza on original crust. I’d better get a medium tonight; I have brought my Straw Hat hunger. How about a one-trip salad?

Fans of Straw Hat from its heyday can spot an original pizza place by the grass-cloth wallpaper and macramé hangings. The polished wood counter where one orders is set in with antiquated brick. How about a free ride on Charlie Horse? That is a Straw Hat for sure.

Straw Hat has gone through a bit of a renaissance over the last decade or so, entering private ownership, and making itself more accessible to franchisees. Happily for my brother and myself, Straw Hats seem to be popping up versus closing down now-a-days. Both the brand and the pizza are doing well out west.

My most recent encounter with Straw Hat’s growth was on a trip to Barstow. Straw Hat has ventured into the “restaurant” arena with a new venture, “The Straw Hat Grille.” This venue not only serves Straw Hat’s great pizza and pasta, it also serves burgers and an extended menu as well. It is great to see our beloved “Left Coast-Right Pizza” doing well.

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