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Socks for a daughter / Knitting for children

We warm the legs of our baby, knit warm and beautiful socks. In this case, the size is for 1-1.5 years.
We collect 36 loops, divide the knitting into four knitting needles, 9 loops on each knitting needle. We knit in a circle with an elastic band 1×1 to a height of 3 cm. Next, we move on to knitting a pattern. To make it more convenient to make braids, we shift the loops from two knitting needles to one, we get 18 loops on one, 9 loops on the other two.

pink sock

We knit according to the scheme (starting with a knitting needle with 18 loops): * 4 front loops, 3 purl stitches, 4 front stitches, 3 purl stitches, 4 front stitches, 3 purl stitches, 12 front stitches, 3 purl stitches ., repeat from * 4 rows.

We twist the braid: * 2 front stitches to be removed on an additional knitting needle before work, 2 front stitches, two loops of stitch stitches for additional knitting needles, 3 purl stitches, repeat 2 times from *, 12 front stitches, 3 purl stitches 5 cm in this pattern. Set aside 18 loops with a pattern and knit the back of the heel with 4 cm facial loops. We proceed to the formation of the heel. Divide 18 facial loops into three knitting needles, i.e. 6 loops on each knitting needle. We knit the stitches of the first and central knitting needles. We knit the last loop of the central part with the front loop together with the first loop of the third part. We do not knit the remaining 5 loops of the third part on the left knitting needle, but turn the work. When turning the first loop of the central part, remove without knitting. We knit 6 loops, we knit the last from the first from the extreme knitting needle.

knit baby sock

Thus, we knit only the central part, until the loops on the side knitting needles end, joining the central part, we form the shape of the heel.
Once again, we begin to knit in all loops in a circle. To do this, knit the loops of the lower part of the heel, then use a knitting needle to loop from each edge along the lateral edge of the heel wall.
If more loops are obtained, we decrease to obtain 36 p.

We knit in the same way – with a pattern that is up to the heel of 7 cm. We form a sock. We divide knitting into 2 knitting needles of 18 loops. In each row we make reductions at the end of the row, for this we knit two penultimate loops together, the last loop is the front, one face from the second knitting needle, the next two loops together. So we reduce to the end of the loops.
One sock is ready, similarly we knit the second. We make small bottles and sew on the side for decoration. Socks are ready! We give the heat made by our own hands to our children!

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