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Scarf with flowers – two in one / Felting, Knitting for women

Thanks to the magic of felting, you have the opportunity to create two different scarves in one pattern, just varying the color. Even if two scarves are knitted from a similar mixed yarn (mohair / wool), the process of felting occurs in different ways, resulting in two completely different scarves of different sizes.


Before felting – For both yarns: approx. 28 cm wide x 208.5 cm long
After felting – From Lorna’s Laces’ Glory yarn: approx. 19 cm wide x 172.5 cm long
Outback Mohair yarn from Plimouth Yam Co .: approx. 14 cm wide x 125.5 cm long

knit a scarf


• 4 skeins weighing 57 g (length about 110 m) of Glory yarn (mixed mohair) of the Lorna’s Laces brand – poppy-colored No. 50 or 2 skeins weighing 100 g (about 196 m long) Outback Mohair yarn (mohair / wool, nylon) Brand Plimouth Yam Co * Blue-Green NV 801
• Knitting needles number 10 (6 mm)
• Carpet needle
• 16 wooden corks and as many rubber bands


Before felting 16 p. X20 rows = about 10 cm stock. elm. on the needles number 10 (6 mm).


Dial 43 p. By conditional dialing. Knit a stocking. elm. until. until the length of the product from the beginning is equal to 208.5 cm.
Carefully remove the conditional set thread by putting a stitch onto the knitting needle. Holding the drug product to you, tie the yarn and make a fringe.


Close 2 p., * Sn. 1 p. To the lion. knitting needle, dial 5 p. close 7 p .; repeat from * to end of row. Tighten.

Flower (16 pieces)

Dial 6 p.
Rows from 1st to 3rd: all persons.
4th row: sn. 1 p., 3 persons., Lea. put the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stitches with the knitting needle on the 1st, 2nd faces. – 3 p.
5th row. all persons.
6th row: dial 3 p., Then knit faces. to the end of the row – 6 p.
Rep. 5 more times from 1st to 6th.
Close p. Sew the last row to the stacking row, grabbing 3 central p.


Insert the wooden cork as shown in the illustration. Around each sphere, place the petals of the flower, retreating approx. 5 mm from the elastic, and sew them loosely to the knitted scarf fabric around the cork. Fel according to the instructions. Before removing the elastic bands and removing the plugs, thoroughly dry the scarf.

3-dimensional flowers

the flowers

These frames, taken before and after felting, demonstrate the technique of creating lovely three-dimensional flowers. Tie the flower petals separately and sew them in place after fixing the wooden balls. When sewing on a flower, do not tighten the thread tightly and retreat about 6 mm from the elastic, so that there is free space around the flower and after felting you could easily remove the balls.

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