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Scarf Fruit-berries and Indian

Scarf “Fruit-berries”

– Yarn of the color of orange, cyclamen, cherry and yellow, 50 g each
– synthetic winterizer
– Hook number 2, 5

schwrf fruit berries


learning to knit scarves

Using the instructions given in the previous workshop, knit 4 cords of colored yarn about 2 m long each. To complete each cord, perform reductions by knitting 2 SC together 15 times in a spiral. Sew together the ends of all the cords and weave them into a braid. The weave should be fairly loose.
Tie up eight colored beads. Knitting pattern, see paragraph 4 of the previous master class. Since the beads should be made smaller, add the number of columns to the second row, then knit 3 rows without adding, and from the fifth row begin to reduce the number of columns. Fill the bead with a synthetic winterizer, complete the bead, and then knit the “stalk”: dial a chain of 14 air loops and “come back” along it, knitting a single crochet in each loop. Fasten the thread and hide it in a bead.
Sew beads to the ends of the scarf by stringing their “cuttings” on a needle with a wide eye.

indian scarf knitting

Scarf “Indian”

– Mohair tea and orange, 100 g each
– synthetic winterizer
– Hook number 2, 5, knitting needle number 3

how to knit an indian scarf

Gather 31 loops on the knitting needles and tie a 2 m long fabric with a straight elastic band. Tie the exact same fabric from a yarn of a different color. Both canvases should be the same length and width.
Having threaded the thread into a needle with a wide eye, sew the fabrics together along the edge with a knitted seam, leaving 20 cm from each end un sewn.
From the threads of two colors, crochet two beads (see previous master classes). Fill the beads with synthetic winterizer, close the hole.
Pull the ends of the canvases together with a thread and sew a bead. Repeat the same with the other end of the scarf. Wear a scarf by threading the beads several times into the holes provided at the ends of the scarf.

Design: Tatyana Mizerina
Photo: Dmitry Korolko
Style: Elizabeth Yakhno
Model: Inga Glushkova
Makeup: Julia Sokolova
Magazine: “Handwork”

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