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Samples using the Shibori technique

Ping Pong Balls

1. The balls are inserted in the center of the two-color mohair base where one color is replaced by another.

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Combination of different accessories

2. In this sample, two types of accessories are combined: glass balls inserted before felting and a metal clip, with which you fix the product during drying, due to which a frill is formed along the edge.

Hint. The thinner the elastic, the easier it is to fix and remove the nuts. Thin elastic can be found in the cosmetics department.

Ah, what nuts!

use nuts

You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize how many diverse possibilities are hidden in one bag of nuts.

hint. Probably the result will not be worse with other elastic objects that I forgot about. Beans may come in handy. At least you don’t have to cook bean soup!

Tie up but not stained

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This is a long strip knitted with stocking knit from different yarns, which I rolled up and fastened with elastic bands before felting, placing them at a short distance from each other. This technique can be used for a scarf or bag handles.

Hint. If you knit a scarf for cold weather, try to sew several strips together, having previously folded and dumped them. Add brushes or any shiny beads.


1. Using this sample as an example, you can see how different things are achieved using different objects. Perhaps you will find something of your own, inmost as a complement to the marble balls and shells, which in this case I used.

we use other materials


2. Cute clusters are obtained from assembled wooden discs that extend beyond the boundaries of the sample.

Flower design

3. I took a multi-colored booklet wool for the base, and I tightened the wooden balls very loosely so that the boucle pulled over the balls fell slightly, and the fibers of the yarn became tangled. After felting and drying, I took off the elastic bands and took out the balls, and then carefully cut the top of each sphere to make a flower.

These patterns are knitted from mohair yarn, and wooden discs have shaped them.

1. The disks are located very close to each other and inserted into the base, connected by reverse stocking.
2. Floral embroidery is done before felting on a pattern connected with reverse stocking.
3. On a knitted stocking viscous basis, the disks are located quite far from each other.

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4. Here, to get balls of different sizes, I used a filler made of synthetic fiber. The advantage of synthetic filler is that you can not remove it after felting. Be careful, do not be greedy, otherwise the artificial fiber will be visible from the outside. After felting, I decorated each sphere with beads.
5. Fringed balls. After inserting the ball, make a fringe, tying a triple knot of thread about 5 cm long at the top of each of the balls. After felting, cut the thread briefly.
6. Without balls. The lower half of this sample is knitted from wool, and the upper half from mohair. Having tied the pattern, I secured certain sections of the knitted fabric with elastic bands. In the process of felting, the canvas wrinkled and balls resembled.

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