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Pink set / Knitting for women

We knit a set: hat and scarf

knitted set

The following materials are required for the manufacture of the kit:

– yarn 100% wool, 300 m in 100 grams, consumption of approximately 400 grams;
– hook number 3
– straight knitting needles No. 4
– circular knitting needles No. 4

We knit a hat in two threads. We knit a rim in one thread.

pink hat

We crochet a hat with crochet columns. In the description I will use the term “columns”

1.1. First we knit a ring of nine air loops. In each loop of the first row we knit two columns. Got a circle of 18 loops. Next, divide the circle into nine equal parts. In the first loop of each part we knit two columns. In the remaining loops of each part we knit one column.

how to crochet

1.2. We should get a flat circle. We knit until the circumference of this circle becomes a couple of centimeters less than the length of the circumference of the head. From this point on, we continue to knit one column in each loop.

how to knit a hat

1.3.When the hat of the required size is tied, we take the knitting needles on the fishing line and we select the loops for the frill on the cap. When a set of loops, the tangle is located on the front side of the product. You can arrange the frill in any order, as the fantasy suggests. You can see the location of the frill in the photo. The hat has a few frills. We collect each and knit separately.

knit a hat

1.4.We knit a frill with a garter stitch, i.e. and the front and back rows are knit with facial loops. Two times in each second row from one loop we make two: one front and one front crossed from the broach between the loops. We knit further without additions. At a height of three cm, close all the loops of the frill.

We knit a scarf in one thread with knitting needles.

how to knit a scarf

2.1.We pick up 11 loops. To form a round edge on both sides, add 5, 3, 2, 1 loop at the end of every second row. The added loops are knitted with a garter stitch. Got 33 loops

2.2.Next we knit directly. At a height of 55 cm, to form a round edge on both sides, we reduce 5, 3, 2, 1 loop at the beginning of every second row. Close the remaining 11 loops

2.3.On the round knitting needles on all edges of the scarf, we collect loops for the frill. We knit the rim around the circular garter stitch, i.e., we even knit even rows with purl loops, and odd rows with knit stitches. We add loops for the formation of quilling, as described above for the cap.

knitting a scarf and hats

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