Stroller Toy

Kuller Buller Farm Stroller Toy

“The little bird” Master class by Anastasia Pivovarova We will need: – the remains of colored yarn – scissors – hook – thread and needle – Plastic container – beads – synthetic winterizer or cotton wool   Collect 3 air loops and lock them into a ring Knit 6 SC ...

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Stylish summer beret for daughter!

White embroidered cotton headscarf chemo cap by accessoriesbyrita

I want to offer a fashionable openwork summer beret for your baby! Such a beret will become an indispensable accessory for the baby, which she will look stylish, beautiful and at the same time protected from the sun. I knitted for my daughter six months, the diameter of the largest ...

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Summer handbag

I decided to my daughter to tie a summer handbag, such that it fits her outfits. I thought a little about the color and style and set to work. And I got a great handbag. To make it, I needed: – threads of 100% cotton in white; – hook number ...

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Summer hat

To tie such a charming summer hat for a girl of 4-5 years old (for a head circumference of 50 cm) you will need: 1. Threads 100% cotton, several colors 2. Hook number 2.5 3. Beautiful decorative buttons. Performance: Those who know how to knit according to patterns can use ...

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Summer panama

Panama hat for a year and a half summer daughter, I did not want to knit something sophisticated. Since the panama hat could get dirty several times a day in anything and anytime. On this Panama knitted for practical purposes – washed – dried – clothed. I did not want ...

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Symbol of 2013

Snake Maroussia (crochet toy) The symbol of 2013 according to the eastern calendar will be a black snake. Serpents are wise, mobile creatures, but many do not like them. We will try to correct this injustice! We offer you to crochet such a charming snake that can simply cheer you ...

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Tatting with a needle. Master Class Tatting

Turquoise Scarlet Flower / Flower mood / PassionForum - master classes in needlework

LACE WEAVING TECHNIQUE All models presented in this article are woven with a tatting needle No. 5 or 7, depending on the thickness of the yarn, which is indicated in the instructions. If you wish, you can work and shuttle; for models with double return nodes, you will need an ...

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Tea Party Napkins Knitting for Home Needlework

BUNDLE SET Felt Tea Pot with Cakes  - Instant Download - PDF Ebook Tutorials

Tea party napkins will serve as a wonderful decoration for your table and for the interior as a whole. Also, such a kit can be an original gift for any occasion. I propose to knit a set of napkins for tea drinking, which consists of two large napkins for a ...

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Teddy Bear

Simple teddy bear -  -

Cute teddy bear Probably the most beloved teddy bears are the cute, kind, in love Teddy bears. A great gift for a girl and a child, for almost all occasions. Anyone who knows how to crochet can easily make it himself. We will need yarn of two colors (for Teddy ...

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The basics of color perception Crochet

Each of us perceives colors in our own way. It depends on personal taste. Some like bright colors, others prefer pastel colors, some love gray and black, and some love everything at once. Colors give us new emotions. Color is influenced by lighting. In the light of different lamps – ...

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