slippers. Knitting

Free Knitting Pattern for Sassy Slippers Flat Knit - Easy garter stitch slippers knit flat and seamed. Includes instructions for pompoms. Designed by Lion Brand for Joann. Worsted weight yarn.

Good wisdom is “Prepare a sled in the summer, and a cart in the winter.” She refers to many aspects of our lives, both in the domestic plane and not only in bit. So now, in the midst of summer, I thought about warm little socks – slippers for a ...

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Snowflakes and lily tatting tatting

Lily Pad Hexagon Crochet Pattern Photos

Five-pointed snowflake motif Medium flower Perform 8 turns with the shuttle and leave the thread attached to the ball. Perform a ring of 5DP and 4KP. woven alternately, close the ring. OL, chain of 8DvP, P, 8DvP attach to the 1st gearbox of the central ring. Continue in a circle ...

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Kleine Handschuhe ohne Daumen sind praktisch und schnell gestrickt aus Sockenwol...,

We warm the legs of our baby, knit warm and beautiful socks. In this case, the size is for 1-1.5 years. We collect 36 loops, divide the knitting into four knitting needles, 9 loops on each knitting needle. We knit in a circle with an elastic band 1×1 to a ...

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Socks for the baby

Step-by-step workshop on knitting children’s socks To knit socks for a six-month-old baby, you will need 100 grams of soft warm yarn and five number 3.5 knitting needles. For children, children’s acrylic is ideal for knitting, for example, Super baby Victoria (360 m / 100 g). Elastic band: knit alternately ...

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Spiral roses with leaves Felting

Manual felting For manual felting you will need a liquid detergent, rubber gloves, towels, a bowl of very hot water and a bowl of very cold water. Add a little detergent to hot water, lower the knitted applique there and let it soak for several minutes. Then vigorously rub the ...

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Square Napkin Tatting Handicraft

ТАТ | схема heklanja | схемы для ТАТ - - - - страница 1342

For lace: ♦ 1 shuttle ♦ cotton twisted thread number 50 raspberry For the product: ♦ cut of white flax 30 x 30 cm ♦ threads for sweeping ♦ white thread for the border ♦ pins ♦ needle These laces consist of a series of parts joined together by three ...

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Striped hat

Dieser bequeme strukturierte Hut kombiniert vier Farben und zwei Stiche, um Ihren Kopf zu bedecken ...

Knitting for children – the most exciting activity. I offer a description of the caps for the baby. This hat is indispensable in cool weather. Autumn days have come, it’s time to tie the crumb like this: bright and practical. Please note: a hat with ears, which means that no ...

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Striped pullover for baby

Valentine (norwegian and english) via @deuxpardeuxKIDS

This pullover is very simple in execution, nevertheless it looks nice due to the bright stripes and buttons on the shoulder. Such a sweater will give the baby warmth and comfort in cool weather. Suitable for baby 9-12 months old. You will need: • 50 g of yellow and 50 ...

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Striped top

The model is designed for size 40/42. You can choose any combination of colors, not even just 2 colors, you can take a brighter version and combine several colors. In my case, two colors – white and blue, cotton. Striped pattern of elongated (removed) loops, description: for the pattern we ...

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Stripes with cones Knitting for beginners

These samples, taken before and after felting, demonstrate yet another way of combining the Shibori technique with a knitted pattern. (The number of loops is a multiple of 10 + 4) 1st row (BOS): 4 out., * 1 persons., 4 out., Double crochet, 1 person., Double crochet, 4 out .; ...

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