Booties-socks for babies Knitting for children

Ideas of Loom Booties-socks for babies  Knitting for children

And here is another of my works that I want to share with you! Hope you enjoy it. =) Booties-socks for babies (knitting needles) Even a novice craftswoman can tie such booties! This article details one of the easiest ways. There are many ways to knit booties and socks for ...

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Booties Colored Caramel” Knitting for children

Stylish Strick- Booties Colored Caramel”  Knitting for children

Comfortable and soft booties-slippers will be a great addition to your baby’s outfit. Linking them will not be difficult, on the contrary, the process itself and especially the result will give you great pleasure.   We will need: – wool blend yarn, or cotton, of two colors (pink and white), ...

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Bootees Knitting for children

Amazing Pin Bootees  Knitting for children

Baby booties for a 3-month-old baby are knitted from 100% cotton, crocheted No. 1 or No. 1.5. We collect 20 air loops (vp) and 3 vp for lifting. Basically, the sole of the booties fits in the standard pattern. We bind a chain of VP three rows of double crochets ...

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Bolero and sundress for girls Knitting for children

Stunning King Bolero and sundress for girls  Knitting for children

I knitted a set for size 74-80 For the kit, I needed 100g of yarn for bolero, and 150g of yarn for sundress, respectively, if you reduce proportionally, for smaller sizes you will need fewer threads. * You can use any color of yarn that you like, but I advise ...

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Bolero Knitting for women

Elegant Shrug Bolero  Knitting for women

Lace bolero for stylish girls Often, wearing an open T-shirt or dress, I want to throw something on my shoulders. In order to be more comfortable and at the same time beautiful and stylish, every girl’s wardrobe must have a thing that will provide it all. To solve this problem, ...

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Black cat Knitted toys

Beautiful Crochet Black cat  Knitted toys

We knit a black kitten with socks In order to make such a kitten, you need the following: – yarn – black, white, yellow, red and gray; – cotton wool for stuffing toys or other similar material; – hook; – scissors. In the beginning we will make the biggest detail ...

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beret and scarf Knitting for women

Cute Free beret and scarf  Knitting for women

A very cute beret with wedges separated by fluffy columns, fits easily and in one breath. You can make a scarf in a kit for a beret. You will need: • 200 g of yarn (288 m / 100 g) • Hook (I crocheted No. 3,5, if you take a ...

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Bedspread Knitting for the home

Chic Wool Bedspread  Knitting for the home

We knit a bedspread The needlewomen always have rags – rags, balls – ribbons and other such “wealth”. And it accumulates so much, but it’s a pity to throw it away! So I did another audit, I got a decent package of glomeruli. It was in August and I started ...

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Basics of tatting tatting

Beautiful Needle Basics of tatting  tatting

MATERIALS Shuttle Shuttles are usually oval. Initially, they were made from the same materials as the tools for weaving fishing nets: from wood or turtle bones. They were rude enough. In the XVIII century and until the end of the last century, shuttles were part of the dowry of the ...

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