Crochet box Knitting for home

Cool Crochet Crochet box  Knitting for home

This small round casket is an ideal place to keep little secrets. Its universal pattern can be tied with any thread and make a set of boxes of different colors and sizes. Necessary materials: – 1 ball (135 m, 50 g) of pink yarn (60% cotton, 40% flax) – Hook ...

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Crochet booties-sneakers Knitting for children

Amazing Pin Crochet booties-sneakers  Knitting for children

As you know, the baby needs a lot of clothes. And it is better if it is diverse. For example, in addition to the usual booties, you can knit stylish sneakers. The legs will be warm and comfortable in them, but there’s no need to talk about the originality of ...

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Counting patterns Knitting for beginners

Images of How Counting patterns  Knitting for beginners

Counted are complex relief patterns, which include harnesses and cords. They are perfectly felted if knitted from natural yarn. Tie four squares with a countable pattern or more and sew them together, you will get a lovely cushion for a pillow or table napkin. Two variants of the pattern are ...

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Clover for good luck! Knitted toys

Each culture has its own symbols and signs with which people associate success and the presence of good luck. One of these symbols is a four-leaf clover, each petal of which has its own meaning. Leaflets denote faith, hope, love and good luck. According to legend, luck will come to ...

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Children’s set Crochet

BABY KIT The cap has the same scalloped edge as the jacket. Buttons in the shape of small roses put extra emphasis. Both models are made of dazzling white yarn. Size 68. The knitting pattern is shown below. The arrows in the pattern drawing show the direction of knitting. You ...

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Children’s scarf Knitting for children

Crochet a pink scarf If you like to crochet, then for you there is a great offer. You can knit a beautiful scarf for your child. For work you will need two types of thread and a hook. As for the threads, they can be different. If you want your ...

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