Fillet crochet Knitting for home

Best crochet Fillet crochet  Knitting for home

Crochet loin One option plot Materials: • white cotton yarn • hook No. 1.25 Fillet pattern: for an empty cage, knit 1 tbsp. s / 2n and 3 air. item, for a filled cell 4 tbsp. s / 2n. Each row begins with 4 air. item lift instead of the ...

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Felting knitted fabric Felting, Knitting for beginners

Go it yourself! Wallow – This is the process of turning ordinary wool into a mess. Sounds stupid? Not at all! This is a magical transformation, a stylish transformation that can turn banality into magic, the path chosen by the knitter, before which a new world of creativity opens. All ...

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Felting bag Felting, Knitting for women

Chic Zinnia--Pattern Felting bag  Felting, Knitting for women

Brick bag The brick background of this cute bag is enlivened by flowers, creating an unusual contrast of rough and delicate texture. DIMENSIONS Before Felting – Approx. 38 cm wide x51.5 cm long After felting – Approx. 32 cm wide x 35.5 cm long ACCESSORIES • 3 skeins of 100 ...

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Fashion Accessories Crochet

Cozy Eye-catching Fashion Accessories  Crochet

  fashionable accessories A BAG Dimensions: bag – 28 x 22 cm (without handle). Knitting patterns A, B and fig. a – h. You will need: 5 balls of 25 g of dark blue yarn for crocheting (80% viscose, 20% metallized polyester; 100 m / 25 g); embroidery threads “Metallic” ...

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Fancy Lace Openwork Blouse Knitting for Women

Contemporary Openwork Fancy Lace Openwork Blouse  Knitting for Women

  In order to knit an openwork blouse, you will need: – knitting needles number 3 – hook number 3, – yarn – about 600 g. It is advisable to use wool with angora yarn, but synthetic fiber, such as acrylic, can also be used, the main thing is that ...

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Elegant doily Knitting for home

Luxury Silver/gray Elegant doily  Knitting for home

A beautiful openwork napkin that will decorate any interior. Its diameter is about 27 centimeters and it looks very stylish. Her knitting does not require much skill, even a beginner will bind her. For work, you need a hook of size 0.5-1 and a ball of thread of medium thickness ...

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Easy spring openwork beret Knitting for women

Amazing KNITTING Easy spring openwork beret  Knitting for women

Openwork beret made in bright turquoise color will decorate your head and give you a cheerful mood, you can tie a scarf with the same pattern to the set. To knit a beret, we need: turquoise jeans yarn, circular knitting needles No. 2.5 and No. 2 Dimensions: head circumference – ...

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Earrings “Spring” Jewelry, Tatting

Luxury Leaves Earrings "Spring"  Jewelry, Tatting

A master class on the manufacture of earrings made in the technique of ankars, tatting with beads, according to the above diagram. Earrings “Spring” are five intertwined rings, decorated with beads. Necessary material for work: nylon thread, beads, shuttle for tatting, hook for tatting, studs. Weaving is performed according to ...

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Ducklings Amigurumi Knitted toys

Elegant Crochet Ducklings Amigurumi  Knitted toys

Bright crocheted ducklings You will need: – yarn of 2 colors – bright yellow and orange; – filler – synthetic winterizer, if any, or cotton wool; – hook; – blanks for eyes or beads; – threads and a needle. First, we knit the body of a duckling according to scheme ...

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Dress with a knitted yoke Knitting for children

Chic Baby Dress with a knitted yoke  Knitting for children

Here is such a cute dress, with a crocheted crocheted yoke, you can make for your daughter. The delicate “fan” pattern fits easily and decorates the dress very much. Choose thin threads for the coquette, as the knitting is tight, and if the threads are thick, then in this dress ...

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