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Knitting bookmark Kitten workshop

Perhaps there is no person in the world who would not love kitties. Therefore, I offer a small workshop on bookmark kittens for book lovers.

We will need:

The remains of any yarn in 2 colors (the main thing is that the thickness of both threads coincides), hook No. 1,5, a thread of black color (for making the face), plastic eyes or beads.

Product length: approximately 20 cm



Let’s start with the torso.
I used almond and pink yarn.

we knit a kitten

We knit 5 vp, connect in a ring.
1 row: 10 st. without / n (in each loop of the previous row by 2);
2 rows: 1 st. no / n, 2 tbsp. no / n in the second art. previous row (1 increase); (= 15)
3 rows: 2 st. bez / n, 1 increase, 2 art. bez / n, 1 increase; (= 20)
4 rows: 3 st. bez / n, 1 increase, 3 art. bez / n, 1 increase; (= 25)
5 rows: 4 st. bez / n, 1 increase, 4 art. bez / n, 1 increase; (= 30)
We break the thread.

We knit according to the same description as for the body, only without the 5th row. Without breaking the threads, we connect the head with the body with 5 half-columns.
Next, take a thread of a different color and tie two connected circles (torso with head) using Art. without / as follows:
We knit a chain of 5 vp, then we begin to tie the trunk of art. without / n Immediately note where your kitten will have lower (i.e. hind) legs, since between them you will need to leave a distance of 4 points. without / n This chain of 5 p., Once, will be one of the paws. Please note that in Art. without / n of the previous row (i.e. the last row of circles), where we knitted 2 pieces. without / n in the loop, also knit 2 st. no / n in each previous art. We finish the series 5 vp + 5 vp for pico, a total of 3 pico at the end of the row. It turns out a foot. We continue to knit the second row according to the same principle, similarly knitting the front legs. End the row, break the thread.

knit ears and tail

With a pink thread from the crown, we collect a chain of 25 vp, tie it next to st. Bez / n, – 9 increments (2 st. Without / n in one paragraph of the previous row, 9 times), 16 st. Without / n. We break the thread.

We knit almond yarn on the sides.
1 row – 6 st. Without / n
2 rows – 5 st. Without / n
3 rows – 4 st. Without / n
4 rows – 3 st. Without / n
5 rows – 2 st. Without / n
6 rows – 1 st. Without / n. We break the thread.

the kitten is ready

We make a face.

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