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Knitted bracelet Knitting for women

I really love beautiful jewelry. But I do not like to walk, like everyone else. I decided this problem for myself simply: I can knit, sew and embroider! So why not create your own jewelry? !!! Moreover, it is very simple and gives a lot of pleasure!
I want to share with you a master class on the manufacture of a knitted bracelet.

For this we need:

-hook number 1.6;
– threads of 100% cotton of beige, white, pink mottled, green and blue colors;
– yellow beads for flower hearts;
– a needle for sewing knitted products;
needle for sewing;
– yellow threads (for sewing on beads);
-2-3 snap buttons.

knitted bracelet


So, let’s start creating a masterpiece that you will be happy to wear yourself or give to your beloved daughter!
For the base (on which we will then sew our flowers) we gain 20 vp + 1 vp lifting and knit with crochets (we need a dense base). Its ready size should be approximately 5.5 x 17.5 cm. It all depends on the girth of the brush: the bracelet on one side should not squeeze the hand, and on the other it should not dangle.

bracelet details

Next, you need to prepare three large (main) flowers as follows: we collect 40 VP + 4 vp lifting and knitting according to the scheme.
We make the central flower of melange color, two side flowers will be white. You can choose your own color scheme. It all depends on the imagination and on what clothes you plan to wear it with.

knitting pattern

Small blue flowers (we need two things) knit in the same way, only at the beginning we gain 20 vp + 3 vp lifting.
For the leaves (for the bracelet you will need two things), we gain 17 c.p. and then we perform: 2 p. single crochet, 2 half crochets, 2 p. with double crochet, 4 p. with double crochets, 2 p. with double crochets, 2 half crochets, 2 p. with double crochets. We knit the second side of the leaf in the same way.
then we lay out the flowers and leaves on the basis of the bracelet as we like, pin with pins and sew. We cover the central part of the flowers with beads.

we knit a bracelet

Sew button fasteners around the edges of the bracelet.
Our product is ready!
Wear it with pleasure!

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