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Knitted beads Knitting for women, Jewelry

Crochet Beads

Handmade jewelry has always been of great value in the accessories market. I would like to pay special attention to knitted jewelry. I create knitted beads that will become an elegant and unique decoration for any woman. A sufficient number of beads and threads are on sale. Thus, we can choose any color and design for each outfit, whether it is a casual classic suit or evening dress.

Making these beads is not difficult, even if you have little experience with crocheting or don’t have one at all. I offer some tips for creating knitted jewelry.

beautiful beads


You will need:

– a thin hook with a diameter of about 1.5 mm;
– cotton threads;
– wooden, plastic, glass beads of various diameters (it is better to take beads with a diameter of more than 1 cm, it is more convenient to tie them);
– small beads for decoration;
– satin ribbon.

beautiful dyeing

1. We make the first loop of thread, then four more air loops.
(fig. 2)

2. We connect the resulting pigtail into a ring. We put the hook in the very first loop and thread the thread through it. (fig. 3)

3. Next, we knit several 3-4 rows with ordinary single crochet.
4. The bead gradually expands, so we need to knit two loops from one to increase the number of loops. Thus, we alternate: we knit one loop in the usual way, the second, we knit twice. (fig. 4)


5. We constantly try on a bead for knitting. Then, we put it in the resulting “hat” and continue knitting on the bead itself.
(fig. 5)

6. We begin to reduce the number of rows. In order to reduce the number of loops, you need to knit one loop and skip the other. It is necessary to ensure that knitting fits snugly on the bead. (fig. 6)

7. On the last row we skip a few loops, thread the working thread through the loop, tighten. (fig. 7)

8. We hide the remaining “tail”. To do this, pass the hook through the knit to grab the thread and tuck it inward.
(fig. 8)

crochet beads

So, we got a few tied beads, it remains only to string them on a ribbon. For work, you can also use any lace or thick thread. I prefer satin ribbon, as it gives the product a more elegant look. (fig. 9)

9. We pass the hook through the bead, grab the tape with it and thread it inside. I string alternately tied a bead and a bead for decoration.

10. We string small beads on the ends of the ribbon, tighten the knots, we get comfortable ties. In needlework stores, you can find special clasps for beads and fasten them to your product.

This way you can create bracelets, earrings and slingobusy (toys for children in a sling). Each product is unique and inimitable. These jewelry will be a wonderful decoration for you, as well as expensive and welcome gifts for your friends.

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