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Knitted bag decorated with ribbons – for all occasions Knitting for women

An excellent gift will be a knitted bag that will look great with both summer outfits and a winter coat. This stan bag is also a great addition to an evening outfit.
I bring to your attention the scheme and description of the work. Knitting such a bag is not difficult even for beginner knitters.

Materials for work:

– any thick yarn (for the bag in the photo, cotton yarn was used in 2 additions, manufactured in Italy) – 150 g .;
– a tape 1.5 cm wide of sectional dyeing, suitable in color to the knitted fabric – about 8-10 m .;
– lining fabric of brown, beige or other color 62x40cm wide;
– foam rubber for laying;
– a fastener a lightning 24 cm long;
– chain for bag handles or finished handles made of plastic or wood.
-Knitting needles number 8.

knitted bag


The width of the bag along the bottom edge is 40cm, along the top edge in the finished form is 23cm.
The height of the decorative strip decorated with ribbons is 8 cm.
The order of the work:
On knitting needles number 8, dial 42 loops + 2 edge.
1 row-seam loops.
2 row-front loops.
3 and 4 rows – purl loops.
5 row – facial petit.
6th row – purl loops.
7 and 8 row – front loops.
Repeat from 1st to 8th row.

a pen

The result should be a fabric in which on the front side the front and back knitting are evenly alternated.
Fold the finished fabric with the sides together. Sew the upper and lower folded edges with a knitted seam. These will be the sides of the bag. On the open upper edge of the bag, we collect the number of loops so that the width of the bag is 23 cm. Knit in height 8cm and close the upper edge.
We sew the tape on a sewing machine along, close to one of the edges. We pick up to get a frill. Sew the tape to the top of the bag, starting from the bottom edge of the bag yoke. We cover the stitching seam with the next layer of frill. The photo clearly shows how the tape is sewn.


We turn the bag inside out. Sew foam rubber to the back of the bag, giving it a beautiful trapezoid shape in the finished form.
Fold in half the lining fabric, put it on the bag, face out, bend the upper ends. We put strips of zipper between the knitted bag and the lining and sew the lining with a hidden seam to the bag, grabbing the fastener strips. You can use the buttons to fasten the bag.

For the handle of a bag, a knitted ribbon, a braid from the ribbon with which the bag is embroidered, a metal chain or round handles entwined with a ribbon are suitable.
Embroidery with ribbons will complement the decorative design of the bag and make it more elegant.

Ribbon decoration option

bag with ribbons

decorate the bag

decorate the bag

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