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Jacket-bolero Knitting for women

Patterns and patterns are given for 44 sizes.
The model is crocheted.

For work you need: 300 grams of pink mercerized cotton, as well as hook No. 2 for knitting motifs and hook No. 2.5 for a dense pattern.

Before you start knitting, it is recommended to connect motif samples according to the scheme No. 7, No. 7a and No. 7b and check them for compliance with the sizes indicated in Figure 7a.
It will be necessary to link 26 motives according to scheme No. 7b, 30 motives according to scheme No. 7a and 50 – according to scheme No. 7.

Knitted motifs are combined into medallions. For details of the lower back, shelves – three motives according to the scheme No. 7c. The result should be 16 blocks – medallions. For the shoulders, four blocks are required – a medallion, which consists of two motifs assembled according to scheme No. 7g. The medallions themselves can be sewn together with a needle with a pink thread, and then tied according to the pattern. The result is a single lace part (see Figure 7 b).

Pink bolero jacket


We knit a bolero according to the scheme Crochet a bolero

The next step in the work will be knitting sleeves. The lower part of each sleeve also consists of medallions assembled in blocks (five motifs). They are connected according to the scheme No. 7d, so that a circular web is obtained, according to Figure 7c. Then a leveling row is knitted according to the scheme No. 7 e. The upper part of the sleeve is made of a dense pattern according to the scheme No. 7 h.
Next, we begin to knit the middle part of the back with a similarly dense pattern. To align the upper part of the lace fabric, knit a row according to pattern No. 7e, and then continue knitting according to pattern No. 7 g. The number of rows connected by a dense pattern can be adjusted according to your desire. The length of the bolero will depend on this. In my case, there were 18. The middle part of the back is connected to the bottom of the back of the yoke.

Ready bolero jacket

Stitch ready-made sleeves in open armholes. This is done as follows: it is necessary to fold the details of the bolero and sleeves facing each other and knit along the contour of the armhole one row of single crochet, in the girth of two parts.
Wash the finished bolero manually or in delicate hand wash with a mild detergent in warm water. Iron the product slightly moistened or using steam.

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