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Dress for a girl of two years Knitting for children, Knitting for children

You will need:

• Yarn 3 skeins of 100 grams about 300 meters each skein. I took melange yarn, which includes: acrylic, polyester and lurex.
• Knitting needles for yarn
• Hook
• Buttons 3 pcs.
• Lace elastic about 1 meter.

Knitted dress with knitting needles and crochet. Photo of the finished product.



Dress fits bottom of the skirt, as well as separately the back and front of the dress. Then the sleeves.
The scheme for the pattern at the bottom of the dress:

Knitting pattern

The front of the dress. You need to dial 120 air loops and knit according to the pattern. After which you take the knitting needles and dial the loops in the main drawing. Next, knit the skirt of the dress about 20 centimeters (or so that the skirt closes the ass) just with the front stitch. We knit the first row with facial loops, the second with purl loops. As you have reached the desired length, you should reduce each 10 loop, thereby narrowing the dress and sitting on the figure of a child.

Knitted pattern illustration

Next, knit to the bevels of the sleeves and close all the loops.
We take the hook according to the size of the yarn, and simply knit one row with a crochet, and the second with a crochet. Then continue to knit with a crochet until the neckline, after dividing into shoulder straps, tie the required length (each strap) and leave the part to the side.

Photo of the back of the knitted dress

The back of the dress. It fits in the same way as the front part, only when you start to knit the back, it must be immediately divided into two parts. Buttons for the buttons do not need to be made, since there they themselves will form.

Sleeves. On knitting needles, dial 100 loops and knit just with a facial pattern. Approximately the length of the sleeve is 20-22 centimeters. After closing the loop. There are two pieces of such parts.

Knitted dress sleeve illustration

Assembly. Connect the front and back of the product, then sew on the sleeves. The neck and slats on the back must be tied with a crochet.
Lace you need to measure the child’s hand and cut off the desired piece. Take a can or a small bucket, put a sleeve on it. Connect the lace, and also putting on the jar, carefully sew the parts.

Sewing lace on the neck is very simple. Sew on lace should not be on the machine, but in the manual.
And we just have to sew the buttons.

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