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Double hat with lace Knitting for children

I propose to learn how to knit a children’s openwork double hat:

This model is related to the age of 1.5-2 years.

Used: ALIZE yarn 100% wool, knitting needles No. 2.5, hook No. 2.5, knitting needle.

Start – Italian single-spoke set – 194p.


how to knit a hat

We continue with the double elastic band (hollow inside) of 20 rows (it turns out 10 rows in the inner and outer canvas).

Now you need to connect the double elastic band into one canvas, we do it this way: 1 chrome. , we knit the front loop of the outer canvas with the wrong loop of the inner canvas together with one front loop, and so on, all subsequent loops., 1 edge As a result, we have on the spoke a single fabric of 96 + 2 chrome. loops.

Then 1 row – facial loops

learn to knit a hat

2 row – purl loops

We begin to knit the 3rd row according to the pattern, only in this row we make the yarn over, but we do not reduce the loops, it turns out – we add 48 loops = 146 loops of the fabric (144 = 8 rapports from the pattern + 2 krom.) Rapport = 18 loops.

Then we knit everything according to the pattern, the back rows are loops according to the figure, the crochets are izn.p.

At a height of 15 cm from the gum, we begin to reduce the loops for the top. We continue to knit according to the scheme, only now we are reducing the loops, but we are not making crochets. And the middle of the rapport, where the sections of the facial loops, we knit 3 p. Together the front. The top is obtained by a beautiful flower.

pink hat

The upper fishnet hat is finished.

Getting started on the inner hat.

On the inner side of the product, on the upper edge of the double gum we collect 98 loops on the knitting needle. Next, we knit the front stitch – the front side – the front loops, the wrong side – the wrong loops. At a height of 13 cm from the gum, divide the canvas into 6 equal parts (6 to 16 loops = 96 + 2krom.p.), We knit the middle of each sixth part in 2p. together the front, through one row we already knit the same midpoints 3 p. together the front and so on until the loops are completely reduced, 8 loops remain on the spoke – we collect them with a needle and fasten the top with a thread.

double hat

The outer and inner caps are sewn separately with a mattress seam.

Further, at a distance of 5 loops from the seam, on both sides, along the lower edge of the double elastic band, we collect 30 loops for the “ears”, the front and back sides – front loops. After 4 rows, along the edge of the canvas on both sides, we begin to reduce the loops in the front rows, we knit at the beginning and at the end in front of the edge loops for 2 p. Together the front. When 8 loops remain on the knitting needles, we continue to knit another 18-20 cm. “Rope” with an elastic band 1/1. We knit the last 4 rows of the rope with a double elastic band (we knit the individual, we remove the thread before work), loop the needle and loop the loop, hide the tail inside the double elastic band.

knitted hat

Getting started making bubo:

From a thick cardboard we cut two circles with a diameter of 10 cm, inside each circle we cut a hole with a diameter of 3 cm, fold both of the resulting rings together and wrap them with thread so that the inner hole is completely filled. Then we cut the threads around the circumference so that the rings of cardboard become visible. Spread the rings a little so that it is possible to fix the threads with a lace (we crochet a pigtail, or a thread in two additions), we connect it securely with two knots. The rings are carefully removed. Shake the bubo to straighten the threads and adjust the shape with scissors. We fix the bubo on the top hat.

we knit a hat ourselves

Everything – the product is ready! I wish you creative success!

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