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Doll with red hair Knitted toys

I have been making toys for many, many years. Basically, I knit with a crochet, it seems to me that the movement plastic is easily transmitted with such knitwear, and small details are knitted without difficulty.

It all started in childhood, my mother showed me how to crochet and read patterns, but they didn’t warm my napkins and the first job was a kitten from knitted balls and sausages. The elder brother chuckled: “And a fool can! But hell cannot be tied up – everything is simple here, but everything has to be done differently.” A few days later, a little devil swayed in front of the glass of his car …

tie the doll

Well, yes it is lyrics. Those dolls were connected from separate parts, which were then sewn and stuffed, the usual pattern. And recently, a scheme quite unusual appeared in my head. This is the work I want to show. Of course, the doll can be anyone – a hare, a tiger or a dragon – I will just show the manufacturing principle, and the imagination of any master is limitless.

To begin with, we will determine the materials:

1. Copper wire for the frame;
2. Foam rubber for the manufacture of body shape;
3. Cotton yarn, in this case “Iris”;
4. Cardboard to give a clear shape to the soles of shoes;
5. Clay “Moment”.


1. Scissors;
2. Round-nose pliers for the manufacture of the frame;
3. Knitting hook No. 1.3, in my opinion, is ideally suited for thickness to the “Iris” yarn;
4. Pins with a head.

doll frame

Well, let’s get started.
We make a frame. For the head, the loop should not be large – it’s more convenient to work later. With loops we select feet and hands. Of course, body sizes and proportions are already thought out and defined.

The frame is ready, proceed to the foam body. Foam rubber in working with dolls is very good. It is easy to cut and holds its shape perfectly, which is important. In addition, it is easy to glue it with Moment glue, but only yellow, universal or shoe, transparent foam does not stick. So, if there is foam rubber with a thickness of more than 40 mm, then the head is cut out from a whole piece.

make out the head

Make a ball. Yes, there is one more difficulty: foam rubber is highly electrified, so for carving you need to take sharp medium-sized scissors with well-cutting tips and constantly dip them in a bowl of water. It is desirable that the trim fall into the same container. In the same way, we cut out the body and arms-legs, given that the length of the parts after tying with yarn will remain the same, and the volume will slightly decrease.

To insert the frame into the body, we carefully cut the finished foam parts along. We coat each part with glue, let it dry (surely, the glue should not shine!) And glue it carefully. The shape of the doll is ready, it remains only to tie with yarn.

beautiful doll

We start from the top of the head and move down. It’s easy to knit a ball, add and remove loops, you can knit the first rows in a circle, then pin to the head and tie it in shape. 3/4 of a ball are connected, we outline a line of hair that is cut from yarn of orange and brown color interspersed. We insert the hair with a hook, carefully remove the scalp and glue it from the wrong side, apply glue to the head and dry it well. We put on a wig and press it to the head – the hair holds tight.

homemade doll beautiful doll

The further difficulty lies in the fact that under the arms the whole body is spinning, and it must be tied. But to adapt is not difficult. From the top of the head to the ankles, the doll is fully knitted, we knit the shoes separately and sew on. We embroider the face. The clothes can be sewn from fabric.

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