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Decorative knitted pillow sheep. The cozy symbol of the New Year 2015

According to the Eastern calendar, the next 2015 is patronized by Sheep and Goat. To appease the housewives of the year and attract good luck, it is recommended to acquire statuettes, soft figures and other little things with the image of goats and lambs.
I suggest you crochet a cozy and charming sofa pillow in the form of a sleeping sheep. Despite the complex appearance, in fact, the manufacture of a sheep is quite simple and even a beginner knitter can do it.

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To make a lamb pillow you will need:

– Yarn with light colored pompons (for a medium-sized sheep, you will need about 100 grams of yarn);
– Thin yarn in beige and / or light brown;
– Crochet hooks (recommended hook number 4 for knitting paws and muzzle and hook number 5 for knitting the body);
– Thin satin ribbon;
– Thin yarn, threads of iris or floss;
– A special needle for embroidery with a long eye or a gypsy needle;
– Sewing threads;
– Fabric for sewing pillowcases;
– A synthetic winterizer or synthetic winterizer for filling a small pillow.

It is more convenient to knit a lamb with knitting a muzzle or paws.
For the face dial 7 air loops and then knit in a circle. When knitting the next, first row, from the 1st and 7th loops, knit 2 loops, thereby obtaining 20 loops in the first row. Then evenly increase the number of loops in each row, according to the scheme of 6 loops (on the 15th row you should get 104 loops). Knit the final 16th row, in which there are also 104 loops and tie the tip of the thread with a knot.

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For each foot dial 3 air loops, from them knit 6 loops of the 1st row. Then evenly increase and decrease the number of loops in each row: 2nd row – 12 loops; 3-7 r – 18 pet .; 8-11 r – 15 pet .; 12-15 r – 12 pet .; 16-18 p – 9 pet.

Lock the yarn with pompons in a ring, the diameter of which is slightly larger than the diameter of the base of the muzzle of a sheep, and tie a knot to the end of the yarn. Next, knit a “pipe”, the number of loops in a row in a straight line depends on the size of the pompons on your chosen yarn. The length of the pipe is equal to the length of the body of the sheep.

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Gathering a pipe-body along one edge with a thread, sew it to the muzzle. Tightly pad the paws with a padding polyester or padding polyester and then sew to the body. From darker yarn, knit two thin and long canvases for horns, which are sewn by folding in a spiral to the body. Embroider a sleeping muzzle with thin yarn, threads of Iris or Mouline thread.
Sew a primitive pillowcase from a thin soft fabric, which is tightly filled with padding polyester. Put the resulting pillow inside the lamb, along the edge of the calf, thread a thin satin ribbon, pull it and tie it on a bow.

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