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Crocheted dress Knitting for women

Blue dress

I bring to your attention a crocheted dress. The work is simple, a beginner needlewoman will cope with it. But still I recommend first to practice knitting napkins. It’s better to fill your hand so that there are no mistakes. For work, threads like “iris” or “viscose silk” are suitable. In my version, the choice fell on “viscose silk.” It is convenient in work, the threads are shiny, pleasant to the touch and look great in the finished product. This dress is suitable for an evening out.

A thread for work will need 600 grams, 400 grams of the main color, 200 grams of another. And you can take one color. In this product, blue threads of two shades were used lighter and darker. There are two options in the photos. Plain and combined product.

knit dress crochet


Work begins with knitting cups. I recommend to take a bra for the sample and navigate it. First, a rectangle is crocheted with crochets, this is the lower outer side of the cup. It is good to start the rounding of the rectangle on one side, and when the desired size is connected, start knitting back and forth, tying the rectangle on both sides. It should be a cup. In the photo of the cup, you can clearly see how it is connected. Then the cups are sewn together and a back is knitted, about 10 cm wide, also with single crochet columns, from one cup to another. In the process, you can try on a bust so that the product fits like a glove. The straps also fit immediately, without crochet. You can immediately, or at the end of the work, tie the straps with a pattern: 10 double crochet stitches in one loop, repeat the pattern after 5 loops of the previous row.

we knit a bodice for a dress how to tie a bodice

When the bodice of the dress is connected, you can proceed to the bottom of the product. First, 3 rows are crocheted in a circle with crochets, then a simple openwork pattern:

1st row: * 3 tbsp. with two crochets in each loop of the previous row, skip 3 loops of the previous row, 3 tbsp. with two crochets, 3 vp *, repeat the pattern.

2nd row: in the last article with two crochets, vp previous row, 1st art. with two crochets to knit 5 tbsp. bn, 5 vp, repeat the pattern.

3rd row. To each arch from vp knit * 3 tbsp. with two crochets, 2 vp, 3 tbsp. with two crochets *.

we knit a blue dress

Next, three more rows are crocheted with crochets. Next – the main pattern of the dress – “shells”: * 3 tbsp. single crochet, 3 in. item, 3 tbsp. with a crochet in the next loop *, repeat the pattern. In the next rows, the pattern is knitted into the arch of the previous row. This pattern fits the required length of the dress. This is at the discretion of the needlewoman: mini, maxi, to the middle of the knee.

The bottom of the dress can be decorated with a “pineapple” pattern; I am attaching a diagram to it. The dress can be knitted in one-color, or two colors. In my case, the threads of the desired shade simply ended, and I combined two blue shades. The dress looks beautiful, attracts the views of others. It can be worn in the summer, and can be worn on the door. Crocheted products have several advantages over knitted products. The knitting is denser, the finished product does not stretch, the loops do not stretch. But at the same time, the product should sit on the figure and emphasize all its advantages and hide flaws.

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