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Crochet. Patterns. Crochet

Learning how to crochet beautiful patterns.

in. n. = air loop
conn. Art. = connecting post
Art. non-cash = single crochet
Art. s / n = double crochet
Art. with 2 / n. = double crochet
R. = row

crochet different patterns


General recommendations

Just as crochet techniques are different and crochet patterns are varied, so is the choice of yarns for this type of needlework.

Crocheting is performed, with a few exceptions, from right to left. The left hand guides the thread going from the ball / spool, holding the initial loop, the initial chain of VP and then the product already linked. The hook is in the right hand. For row loops connected next to each other, it is indicated at which end the work is rotated. What was the front side becomes the wrong side, and vice versa. When knitting in a circle, all rows are knitted in one direction, so when moving from row to row, the work is not turned. Since the structure of the front and back sides of the fabric is not the same, the same loop when knitting rows in the forward and reverse direction and circular knitting looks different.

legendlearning to crochetvariety of knitting patterns

Main loops

Any crochet begins with a loop of thread, fig. A1 – A3. Grab the thread and stretch it through the loop on the hook – VP formed, fig. b1. Repeating the last trick, get a series of VP Since vp are similar to chain links, this row is also called a chain of vp, fig. B2. For connection. Art., Fig. s, insert the hook acc. stretch the loop going from the ball into the direction of the arrow in one step through the loop of the chain and the loop on the hook. For Art. non-cash, fig. d1, insert the hook into the loop of the initial chain or the previous row and pull out a new loop, Fig. d2, there are 2 loops on the hook. Grab the thread coming from the ball and pull it in the direction of the arrow through both loops. fig. d3. In fig. d4 shows the finished art. non-cash For p / st., Fig. e1, double crochet on the hook, insert it into acc. loop and pull out a new loop – on the hook 3 loops. Knit these loops in the direction of the arrow in one step using the yarn, fig. e2. In fig. e3 shows the finished p / st. For a simple art. s / n, fig. f1, yarn over the hook and insert it into the 4th c.p. from the hook, pull out a new loop fig. f2, yarn again and stretch the thread in the direction of the arrow through 2 loops on the hook. 2 more loops remained on the hook, Fig. 13, knit these stitches with the crochet. In fig. 14 shows the finished art. s / n For Art. with 2 / n, fig. d1, make 2 yarn, insert the hook acc. loop and about pull the thread coming from the ball. 4 loops located on the hook, fig. D2 knit with a yarn in pairs in 3 steps (arrow = 1 pair of stitches is knitted). Knit the resulting loop with the next loop. then knit the last 2 stitches, fig. dz.

For relief art. s / n A, fig. h1, insert the hook into the gap between the columns in the direction away from you, grab the thread and stretch it behind the leg of the column, then perform, as usual, Art. s / n For relief art. s / n B, fig. h2. insert the hook into the gap between the posts towards you. In fig. j shows 2 columns connected in 1 loop of the base. in fig. k – 2 columns connected together, and in fig. i – 2 columns connected together and made in one loop of the base.

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