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We decorate caskets / Tatting / In needlework

Heart shaped box For lace: ♦ cotton twisted thread No. 50 in the following colors: white, pink, yellow and green ♦ shuttles For the product: ♦ 1 heart-shaped cardboard box ♦ synthetic wool for stuffing ♦ colored fabric (preferably plain) ♦ glue for fabric ♦ scissors CapThe proposed motif is ...

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Vulcan Harness / Beading, Crochet, Jewelery / Needlework

Good day to you! This MK is dedicated to creating a sparkling stylish tourniquet “Volcano”. For work, you need the following materials: YarnArt Violet Knitting Thread Black Crochet hook 0.75 mm Needle bead (for a set of beads according to the scheme) Czech Beads №10 matte opaque black Czech Beads ...

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Sparkling Ceylon tourniquet / Crochet, Jewelery / Craft

Good day to you! This MK is dedicated to creating a beautiful Ceylon patterned bracelet. The inspiration for me was the autumn days, leaf fall, and delicious evening tea in front of the window) For work, you need the following materials: Threads YarnArt Violet (I used brown) Crochet hook 0.75 ...

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Workshop on the manufacture of the painting "Fruit Basket"

The picture is an original gift. Such a composition will decorate a kitchen or room. Juicy, bright, mouth-watering fruits will cheer you up. This is a great gift for loved ones and friends. 1. Prepare yarn of different colors, fabric, scissors, glue gun, hook 1.75 mm. 2. We will knit ...

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We save a jacket and the authority of the economical mother!

Modern life teaches us how to save money and the further we go, the more. And children – these flowers of life – regularly train our newly acquired skills and abilities. Sometimes consciously and purposefully, and sometimes – simply because they are growing. So, here in front of me, suddenly ...

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