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Amigurumi owls Knitted toys

Amazing 4 Amigurumi owls  Knitted toys

Crochet a toy Materials and tools that will be needed: – yarn of 3 colors that you like, for example, yellow, brown and beige for the beak; – hook; – filler to add volume to the toy; – finished eyes and fabric, preferably felt, as well as scissors and glue. ...

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Amigurumi laying hen Knitted toys

Cute Small Amigurumi laying hen  Knitted toys

To create this wonderful chicken, we need a hook and yarn, preferably made of cotton. Wings with a tail can be made of yarn of any other color to your taste. Knit a chicken: 1 row: we knit 16 sts in the ring of amigurumi. Try to make the crown ...

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Amigurumi Kitty cat Knitted toys

Trending Pattern Amigurumi Kitty cat  Knitted toys

Kitty Crochet Kitty In order to make such a toy, we need the following: – yarn of several colors – light yellow, pink and blue; – black threads and a needle; – a hook of a suitable number; – filler; – scissors; – fabric – black and red for the ...

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Amigurumi Hare Knitted toys

Beautiful Bunny Amigurumi Hare  Knitted toys

Knit a hare in a skirt Materials used: 2 colors of yarn – white and pink and, optionally, yellow for flowers; hook of the right size; black thread and needle; eyes (if ready) or large beads; scissors; and also cotton wool for filling toys. Legend: 1 – air loop; 2 ...

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Amigurumi giraffe Knitted toys

Best Amazon.com: Amigurumi giraffe  Knitted toys

Crochet a giraffe To knit toys we need: – yarn of 2 colors – bright yellow and brown; – hook – the choice depends on the thickness of the yarn; – needle and brown thread; – finished eyes, if any, or beads; – scissors; – and also with what we ...

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Alarm clock Knitted toys

Cozy Amazon.com: Alarm clock  Knitted toys

Is it not every one of us who dreams of such an alarm clock in the early morning? This alarm will never be upset For work it is necessary: – Souffle yarn (100% acrylic) red – about 25 g; yarn “Olga” (50% wool. 50% acrylic) black and white – about ...

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Airy fluffy scarf Felting, Knitting for women

This weightless scarf knits very quickly using the Shibori technique, it takes only one skein of yarn. Tie a scarf to your liking. Finished blade size Before Felting – Approx. 23 cm wide x 124.5 cm long After felting – Approx. 10 cm wide x81.5 cm long   Accessories: – ...

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Airplane Knitted toys

Cozy Free Airplane  Knitted toys

2 mini airplanes You will need: multi-colored yarn; hook; filler; button; thread with a needle.   We knit 2 airplanes in parallel. We start with the main part – scheme 1 and 2. In the first case, we knit in 2 colors – green and yellow, starting with green (7 ...

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Clown with a Hoop / Knitting / Needlework

Clown Nazar with Hoop You will need: yarn “Olga” (100% wool) yellow, brown colors – 25 g; yarn “Lydia” (100% wool) of flesh (pink) color – 10 g; a piece of black thread about 30 cm long for embroidering eyes; a large red button on the leg for the nose; ...

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