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Cardigan long Knitting for children

Required: 450 g of a thick blue yarn twisted from 12 thin threads, hook No. 5; 4 buttons with a diameter of 17 cm.

Age: 2 years.
Knitting density:
10 columns (Art.) X 4 rows of Art. with nak. equal to 9.5 x 7 cm.
Crossed Art.
: 1 tbsp. with nak. we cross with 2 next ones from right to left and vice versa according to the figure.


1 row: we knit at the base of 108 air. loops + 3 for lifting to the next row, replacing 1 tbsp. with nak. Next, we knit 10 tbsp. with nak. in each loop of the previous row of air. loops, 3 crossed st. with nak., knitting them in 7 air. loops, as shown in diagram 1. Next, repeat 3 times * 20 tbsp. with nak., 3 crossed st. * and finish the 10th st. with nak.
2-4 rows: continue knitting while maintaining the same pattern as in the 1st row.
5 row: we reduce 8 tbsp., Skipping 1 tbsp. with nak. on both sides of each of the 4 bands of crossed stations, as shown in figure 2.
6-20 rows: continue knitting according to the pattern, reducing 8 tbsp. in the 9th, 13th and 17th rows as well as in the 5th row. In the 20th row there remains 6 tbsp. with nak. along the edges and 12 in the middle between 3 stripes. At the beginning of the 21st row, we divide the work into 3 parts, which we complete separately.

blue cardigan


knit sweater

Right shelf: 21-27 rows: we knit according to scheme 3, on which a part of the 20th row is presented for reference.
Left shelf: repeat the work symmetrically.

Back: skip 2 tbsp. Of the 20th row for the armhole of the sleeve, in the 21st row we knit 4 tbsp. with nak., skip 1 tbsp., then knit 10 tbsp. with nak., skip 1; 3 crossed tbsp., Skip 1 tbsp., And knit the last 4 tbsp. with nak., thus leaving another 2 tbsp. for the armhole on the opposite side.
22 row: reduce by 1 tbsp. on each side, as shown in diagram 3.
23-27 rows: finish the back straight.


1 row: at the base we knit 21 air. loop, continuing like this: 8 tbsp. with nak., 2 crossed art., which we knit from 5 air. loops of the previous row.
2-3 rows: continue to knit directly, according to the pattern of the previous row.
4th row: we knit as the 2nd row, but increase by 2 tbsp. Nak., I.e. we knit 2 tbsp. in one of the previous row at the beginning and at the end of the row.
5-6 rows: we continue to directly knit already 9 tbsp. with nak. on both sides of the strip with crossed columns.
7-9 rows: increase again by 2 tbsp. with nak., i.e. We knit the 7th row in the same way as the 4th. It turns out 10 tbsp. with nak. on each side of the strip.
10th row: again increase by 1 tbsp. from each side.
11th row: we reduce 2 tbsp. on each side, for this approaching to the 3rd art. beginning of the previous row, do not knit the last 2 tbsp.
12 row: reduce by another 1 tbsp. on each side, we knit 8 tbsp. with nak. from each side. We finish the work and cut the thread.

Assembly: sew shoulder seams, also sew sleeves and sew into armholes.

Neck: for the collar on the neck we knit 35 tbsp. with nak. (10 on the shelves and 15 on the back) and we knit so 5 rows.


We start from the bottom corner of the left ledge to the corner of the right. We knit 3 air. lifting loops and then knit crossed art. So do the edge to the top, knitting crossed art. in each row and tying a collar. We pass to the harness along the right shelf, repeating: * 1 crossed Art. and skip 1 tbsp. *. Finish the edge the same way as on the other side. Trim the thread after the end of a row with one tbsp. with nak. at ground level.
Sew buttons on the left shelf at the level of the 13th, 17th, 21st and 25th rows. Use as missing holes for buttons missing art. in the harness along the edge of the right shelf.

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