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Button-down striped blouse Knitting for children

Age: 3 years.

You will need: 200 g of yarn of different colors – 40 g of mustard color, 50 g of pomegranate, 40 g of white, 70 g of olive flowers, hook No. 3; 5 buttons with a diameter of 13 mm.

Knitting density: 11 loops x 6 rows fantasy pattern 6 x 4.5 cm.

Body: we knit according to scheme 1, starting from the bottom strip, which goes along the edge of the product. To do this, take a garnet yarn thread and knit 8 air loops of the base + 1 for lifting to the next row. Next, we knit 8 single crochet stitches in each air loop of the base, lift with the help of 1 air loop and turn the resulting strip, knitting the next row, as it were, in the opposite direction. So we knit 76 rows. Without trimming the thread, we finish the 77th row and knit 80 single crochet along one side of the strip.
2-3 rows: we also knit 80 garnet yarn with garnet yarn, in the next row we knit 80 yarn without cropping. The fantasy pattern consists of these 2 rows.
4-11 rows: we knit according to scheme 1 with a fantasy pattern, alternating 2 and 3 rows. We combine knitting with different colors in the following order: 2 rows of mustard color, 2 rows of olive, 2 rows of white and 2 rows of pomegranate.
12-19 rows: alternating stripes in the same order as in the interval from 4-11 rows. This completes the knitting of the body.

simple jacket


Right shelf:
20-27 rows: the first 19 loops are also knitted with a fantasy pattern, using the color necessary in order.
28-33 rows: we proceed to knitting the armholes of the sleeve and neckline, reducing the number of columns, as shown in diagram 2.


Left shelf: repeat the same work absolutely symmetrically.

Back: we skip 2 loops for each armhole of the sleeves and knit from 20 to 33 rows of 38 loops with a fantasy pattern, forming stripes in color in accordance with the front shelves of the product.

Sleeves: First, we knit a strip along the lower edge of the sleeve with garnet yarn in the same way as when knitting the body. We just start by knitting 6 air loops + 1 to raise to the next row. So we knit 27 rows of 6 single crochet. Then, without cutting the thread, we knit 31 single crochet along the resulting strip. So we knit 2 rows with garnet yarn, after which we cut the thread, continuing to knit with olive yarn.
3-22 rows: we continue to knit yarn of olive color with a fantasy pattern, increasing by 1 column on both sides 6 times from 15 to 21 rows, we get 37 columns in 22 rows. To do this, in each row we knit 2 columns in the pattern in the last column of the previous row.

Assembly: sew the sleeves, make shoulder seams and sew into the armholes of the sleeves.

Stripes for fastening buttons: with garnet yarn, we knit 4 rows of 46 single crochet columns along each shelf, including the lower strip. On the strip in which we make 4 holes for buttons, place them, departing from the bottom edge of 4 columns, and the interval between them is 10 columns. We knit the holes for 3 rows, replacing 1 single crochet column with 1 air loop and skipping it in the next row.

Neck strap: we make 5 rows of yarn with garnet yarn. We knit 15 columns on the side of each front shelf and 21 on the back. We make the 5th hole for the button for 3 rows, retreating from the edge of the 3 columns. At the end, we sew the buttons at the same height as the holes for them.

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