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Charm for happiness / Knitting for the home / In needlework

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers decorating clothes and household items used not simple drawings, but ancient signs protecting the family and bringing good luck. Each element of embroidery carried a special meaning. Now we do not decorate clothes so often with embroidery, but ancient symbols may also be useful to us. A handmade charm for happiness will be a great gift for friends and relatives.

homemade amulet

Creating a charm, use natural materials and a good mood, then you will get a truly magical thing.

For work, we need:

– Natural yarn (linen, cotton) not dyed – 30 gr.
– A bit of red and green yarn
– Hook number 1
– Button

in. p – air loop
p.p. – lifting loop
Art. b / n – single crochet
etc. – knit 2 single crochet in one loop
Ub – 2 single crochet stitches together

amulet pattern

Dial 27 air stitches, plus 1 lift loop and knit with 54 single crochet stitches.
55 row – dec., 23 tbsp. non-cash, ass., 1 pp
56 row – 25 tbsp. non-cash, 1 pp
57 row – dec., 21 tbsp. non-cash, ass., 1 pp
58 row – 23 tbsp. non-cash
59 row – dec., 19 Art. non-cash, ass., 1 pp
60 row – 21 tbsp. non-cash
61 row – dec., 17 tbsp. non-cash, ass., 1 pp
62 row – 19 tbsp. non-cash
63 row – dec., 15 tbsp. non-cash, ass., 1 pp
64 row – 17 tbsp. non-cash
65 row – dec., 4 tbsp. b / n, 5 in. item, 4 tbsp. non-cash, ass., 1 pp
66 row – 15 tbsp. non-cash
67 row – dec., 11 tbsp. non-cash, ass., 1 pp
68 row – 13 tbsp. non-cash
Fasten the thread, cut. Fold the finished part with an “envelope”, mark the middle part with pins and embroider a symbol on it.
The Slavic symbol of OPERA attracts happiness, luck and prosperity. This is a sign of the earth and ancestors, peace of mind and peace.


Cut the threads of red, green and primary colors measuring 110 cm. Fold together and step back 20 cm. Tie in a knot. Next, weave the threads into a pigtail. At the end of the braids, leave 20 cm of non-woven threads, before which a knot should also be tied.

do it yourself

Using a needle with a large eye, flash the “envelope” on the sides of both sides using non-braided cord threads. Tie the ends into knots and cut.
Bind Art. b / n (green thread) purse valve, sew on a button.

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