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Amigurumi Owls / Knitted toys / Needlework

For the manufacture of owls, we will need the following materials and equipment:

– yarn (brown and beige colors);
– a needle;
– glue;
– felt of different colors: black, white, beige, pink, red and yellow.
– blanks for the eyes – beads or beads;
– filler.

Let’s start with making an owl girl. We knit her body with beige yarn according to scheme 1. First, we collect 6 air loops and knit further crochet. From the 5th to the 18th row we knit exactly without additions or decreases. In the 19th row, we reduce the columns according to the scheme. Having connected the last 21th row, we fill the body and sew a hole with a needle.
Next, we knit the wings of an owl using scheme 2, starting with a set of 6 air loops. Having knitted the last 4th row, we also stuff the wing and sew it as shown in the figure under the diagram. The second wing is doing the same.

owl knitting

We make owl ears. We knit 2 strips 3 rows high in front and behind the head at the level of the 19th row. Moreover, in each row on both sides we add 1 column. Thus, the ears will stick out to the sides for 3 columns. We sew the strips together using a needle.
We take a thread with a needle and sew the body of an owl, designating the muzzle and stomach as shown in the figure.

knit toys

We cut out the details from felt: 2 circles of white, 2 circles of pink slightly larger diameter, of yellow felt – a rhombus, of pink – a small rectangle, which in the middle we put together with a thread, from black felt we cut cilia. We glue the eyes in the appropriate order – first pink circles, white ones to them, and cilia around the edges, we sew beads or beads in the center. Glue the yellow beak in the middle of the muzzle. Glue a pink bow over the right eye. Sew the wings on the sides of the body with the seams up.

toy owl

We do an owl-boy on the same principle as a girl. We knit the body with brown yarn according to scheme 3, wings – according to scheme 4. We also make ears, eyes and beak. We make a butterfly of red felt and glue it under the beak. We also make a bag of red felt, which we sew, tie with a red thread and glue it near the right wing.
Owls are ready.

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